Richard Petty Driving Experience Orlando

If Speed is what you are looking for and you are visiting Orlando for a Vacation or even just a business trip, you should probably check out one of the amazing Richard Petty Driving Experience Disney has to offer. I know, most people are not thinking about suiting up, sitting behind the wheel of there very own stock car and racing around an oval track when taking a trip to Orlando. What would Mickey think anyway? Well, that is where you have to put things into perspective a little and decide if this is a “Family Vacation” or is it just for the kids? Don’t get me wrong, adults absolutely love the different Parks and Attractions but for some people and although the rides are great you are not in full control. For this group, there is really nothing like the roar of the engine and the vibration you feel through your whole body and you are strapped in to your car knowing that you have full control over this beast for a number of laps. It is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have when visiting Orlando.

What can I expect at the Richard Petty Driving Experience in Orlando?

There are a number of different Encounters to be had when heading off to the track at the Walt Disney World Speedway. They have taken in to account the various comfort levels and experience that you might have when you enter the facility and there is something that will accommodate everyone who wants to try it out. If you are not sure that you want to get behind the wheel but you still want to have the understanding of what it feels like to be traveling well over 140 miles per hour around an oval track, the Richard Petty Ride Along is probably a good fit. Sure you don’t get to sit behind the wheel and take control but for some, this is as much as they can handle. Riding along might be fun but for the real thrill seekers you want to have full domination of the machine. Yes, that is right, you know that being behind the wheel is the only way you are going to come away satisfied. Feel the power rush through your hands and you hear the words Start you engines and you pull out on to the track to take your position. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it. This experience can be had with the Richard Petty Drive Along at the Walt Disney World Speedway. This is a full 3 hour adventure with a finally of taking this 600 horsepower beast around the track for a full 8 laps. If this sounds good but not great because you don’t think you will have enough pedal time in the stock car, you can always bump up to the Richard Petty Drive Along Lifetime giving you a full 30 laps.

Bragging Rights

Okay, so your mom told you never to brag, to stay humble around others but this is just too special of a time to not show off just a little, right? At the end of your final run around the track, you get to graduate and pick up your Certificate of completion to display in front of all that come into your home or office. Oh, the questions you will get just from having the pictures displayed of your racing around the track. Your buddies will go home wishing they could experience something like this. Isn’t that worth it?

List of Richard Petty Driving Options Orlando Fl

Walt Disney World Speedway Race Car Ride-Along

Ride Along at speeds of 145 miles per hour and experience what few dare. At the Walt Disney World Speedway in Orlando you can have your dreams come true while racing around the track in a 3 lap qualifying run. [...]

Walt Disney World Speedway Race Car Drive-Along

The Richard Petty Rookie Experience at Walt Disney World Speedway in Orlando gets you behind the wheel of a real Nextel Cup class stock car. After instruction you will be out on the track taking on the adventure of a [...]

Walt Disney World Speedway Drive-Along Experience of a Lifetime

The Experience of a Lifetime says it all with the Drive Along experience at the Walt Disney World Speedway in Orlando. Take to the track and in a true Nextel cup series stock car and run a full 30 laps. [...]

Walt Disney World Speedway Drive Along Kings Experience

Get in the driver's seat and drive 18 laps in a real Nextel Stock Car. Suit up in a Drivers Suit, Helmet and Neck Guard to experience the track like a real professional. An Experience that will last a lifetime. [...]