Aquatic SeaWorld Amenities

There are so many fun things to do at SeaWorld. Knowing your way around by looking at Maps & Directions is a good start to the process. Watching some videos of the rides give you a great way to start off the fun and excitement.

Aquatica Amenities

View of Cabana with Chairs and Shade at Aquatica Orlando
Choose from a variety of premium seating with the Aquatica SeaWorld Orlando Cabanas, Loungers are the most affordable option with seating for 2 but for a family, the full-size cabanas are a better deal.
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Full size park map of Aquatica Orlando
The Orlando Aquatica SeaWorld Map will show where you are in Orlando in relation to the other large attraction in the area. Download the Seaworld Orlando PDF Map to have a better understanding of the layout of this water park
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View of a Commerson's Dolphins from Dolphin's Plunge
View Videos of Aquatica SeaWorld in Orlando to get an up-close and personal view of the park with many Water Slides and water activities, many Point of View of water slides gives you a view of the upcoming thrills
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