Aquatica SeaWorld Water Slides in Orlando

Designed for a fun experience the Aquatica SeaWorld Water Slides in Orlando is great for all ages. The larger Water Slides at Aquatica are intended for older kids and adults. Each one of the water slides has a height posted to let you know if you are big enough to ride. One of the kid’s play areas has small slides that are perfect for toddlers. A larger Water Playground area has Youth Water Slides for kids that are a little bit older. This gives you a more well-rounded experience because the middle kids will not feel left out.

Number of Aquatica Water Slides

Come to Aquatica and you will find some of the most unique and thrilling Water Rides in North America. Experience 11 Large Water Slides of different styles, sizes, and speeds. There are also 4 Mid Sized Water Slides for Kids Older than Toddlers but not ready for the Biggest Attractions and 10 Smaller Kiddie Slides for Toddlers.

Dolphin Plunge Water Slide at Aquatica

SeaWorld workers in the pool of water at Dolphin Plunge feeding commerson dolphin 960

The Water Slides at Aquatica are some of the best, and different around. Dolphin Plunge is one of the signature rides at Aquatica and is surely one to look at in bewilderment. Dolphin plunge might not be the only water slide in the world that take riders through an aquarium but it is the only one I am aware of where you can see Commerson Dolphins.

Dolphin Plunge – 2 Enclosed Body Slides

  • The most Unique Water Slide in the Park and possibly the World
  • Side by Side Enclosed Slides
  • 250′ of Twisting Darkness and Clear Tubes
  • Open to Clear Tubes when entering the Dolphin Tank
  • Zip past Commerson’s Dolphins
  • Try to sit up when entering the Dolphin Tank to Slow your Speed down
  • Underwater Viewing area where you can watch your family members Fly Through
  • Height Requirement – 48″ and Taller

Start at the top with 2 side-by-side tubes and enter an enclosed, pitch dark section, except for the light holes. The slides twist down to a pair of clear tubes where you can view the dolphins swimming beside you. Not only that, but you will see Commerson’s Dolphins. If you have never seen a Commerson Dolphin before, you will think you are looking at miniature Killer Whales. Sliding through the tube, you are going so fast that you might not have a chance to get a close look at them. Once the ride is done, walk over to the underwater viewing area where you can see these magnificent dolphins up close. It is also fun to watch others as they slide through the tube underwater.

There have been a number of complaints that Dolphin Plunge moves too quickly through this section. If you can time it right and start sitting up before you get to the clear tube section, start sitting up and this should slow you down a little.

Taumata Racer

8 way racing Taumata Racer water slide Aquatica 960

Grab your friends and challenge them to the Taumata Racer Water Slide. This water slide is a little different from most Racing Water Slides. Taumata Racer’s starts in an enclosed tube section around a 360 degree turn and then launching out of the darkness to drop down a steep embankment of pure fun. The first time you ride, it will take your breath away during the drop but you will want to ride again and again.

Taumata Racers – 1 Racing Water Slide with 8 Lanes and a Twist

  • Enclosed Loop and 8 Lane Racing Slide
  • Mats to Slide on
  • 300 Feet in Length
  • 360 degree enclosed tube at the top
  • Exit the darkness and Catch some air as you start downhill
  • Get a good Start if you want to win
  • Height Requirement – 42″ and Taller

Tassie’s Twister Bowl Water Slide

People in line for the Tassie Twister bowl water slide at Aquatica 960

You will start to feel a little “flushed” as you make your way to Tassie’s Twisters. These two very different water slides take guests on a quick enclosed tube ride down a steep slope until you are dumped into a large swirling bowl of fun. As you swing around the bowl a few times, you will see the exit area and in anticipation for the last “flush”, you will get excited as you slide down the final tube into a small pool that joins with the lazy river.

Tassie’s Twisters – 2 Inner Tube Giant Bowl Slides

  • 2 Different Experiences with each slide
  • Must Cross the Lazy River to Climb to the Top of the Ride
  • Both start in a dark enclosed Tube
  • Blue Side dumps you into the bowl and you circle Counter Clockwise
  • Green Side dumps you into the bowl and you circle Clockwise
  • Both circle to a center flushing point
  • Final Slide Entrance Dumps to a small Pool connected to the Lazy River
  • Height Requirement – Must be able to ride Unassisted – No ride height specified

Omaka Rocka Water Slides

Omaka Rocka water slides at Aquatica 960

Take to the Half-Pipe Water Ride that makes you feel as if you are truly on your board ready to catch some air. Actually, you are in a tube but the thrill is very similar when you are dumped into 3 vortexes on the Omaka Rocka Water Slide.

Omaka Rocka – 2 Inner Tube Half Pipe Water Slides

  • 350 Foot of Winding Water Slide Fun
  • Drop into 3 Half Pipes Funnels
  • Single and Dual Person Inner Tube Ride
  • Weightless Feeling as you come off of the side walls
  • Height Requirement – 48″ and Taller
  • Weight Requirement – Must be under 250 lbs

Fun Family Water Slides

If you are wanting a fun family thrill ride, look no further than Walhalla Wave and HooRoo Run. These two large rides are perched about six (6) stories above the park and use a conveyor system to hoist the large yellow tubes up to the top. Both of these rides use the same 4 person tubes but they could not be more different from one another.

Multiple person family tube water slide at Aquatica 960

The Walhalla Wave takes you on a twisting, turning slide that floats upon the outer walls to give you that extra level of excitement. HooRoo Run is a straight ride that levels off twice on the way down. Since there are not many rides in the park that allow for 4 people, this is a great one to start your day off with.

Walhalla Wave – 1 Large Family Twisting Tube Ride

  • 4 Person Large Tubes
  • 6 Stories High
  • Multiple Fun Twists and Turns
  • Waterfalls to cool off along the way
  • Large Enclosed Tunnel Area
  • Height Requirement – 42″ and Taller – Under 48″ must wear a life vest

HooRoo Run – 1 Large Family Straight Multiple Hump Water Slide

  • 4 Person Large Tubes
  • 6 Stories High
  • Straight Down with 2 plateau’s
  • Fast 10 Second ride
  • Height Requirement – 42″ and Taller – Under 48″ must wear a life vest

Whanau Way Water Slides

Omaka Rocka water slides at Aquatica 960

The most fun Water Slides in Aquatica is the Whanau Way Slides. These 4 slides allow for one and two-rider inner tubes that race you to the bottom private pool landing area. The Yellow and Pink water slides twist their way to the bottom ending in a 360 degree turn with a drop into the pool. The Green and Blue slides start off in a 360-degree turn and then drop you down a double hill to the splash area. This is one of the places you will find yourself riding multiple times throughout the day because the slides are so simple but fun.

Whanau Way – 2 Sets of Different Exciting High-Speed Slides

  • Each of the 2 Sets of Slides are very Different Experiences
  • Some of the most loved Slides in the Park
  • 2 Slides on each side of the platform
  • The Blue and Green Slides are Opposite each other and Identical
  • The Yellow and Pink Slides are Opposite each other and Identical
  • Height Requirement – Under 48″ must wear a life vest

Water Slides for All Ages at Walkabout Waters

Walkabout waters kids splash park with multiple smaller water slides Aquatica 960

The Colors, the sights, the sounds, all of your surrounding scream “Awesome Kids Play Area” when you see the Walkabout Waters Water Playpark. This section of the Aquatica water park has so much to do and it is a great place to go no matter what size your kids are. There are a total of 7 Water Slides, 9 if you count the 2 Dual Miniature Racing Slides. If you have Toddlers or really young kids there are 2 small Dual Green and Blue slides that are perfect for them to and slide down and splash all day. There is also a smaller Blue twisting slide that is a lot of fun for the younger crowd as well. If your kids are a little bit older, there are an additional 4 water slides they will enjoy as they get closer to the top of this Splashing Water Fun location.

Walkabout Waters – 4 Water Slides for the Older Kids and 4 Water Slides for Toddlers< /br>This Water Play area is great for kids of all ages.

  • 1 Small 360 Degree Open Slide
    • Single Shorter Run 360 Degree Tube Slide for the smaller kids
    • Twist, Turn and Shout while sliding down this mini-water slide
    • Great for Toddlers
  • 1 MidSize 360 Degree Open Slide
    • Single Rider 360 Degree Tube Slide with Horseshoe Turn for the smaller kids
    • Slither and Slide down this mini-water slide
    • Great for kids just above Toddler age
  • 1 Double Green Slide
    • Dual Miniature Water Slide for the smallest kids
    • Can be used to race down
    • This is the smaller of the slides in Walkabout Waters
    • Great for Toddlers
  • 1 Double Blue Slide
    • Dual Miniature Water Slide for the smallest kids
    • Can be used to race down
    • This is the smaller of the slides in Walkabout Waters
    • Great for Toddlers
  • 2 Medium Sized Open Twisting Body Slides
    • Take the Green or the Yellow Water Slide to the bottom and Splashdown in the Pool
    • Fun for kids a a little bit older
    • Both slides offer different experiences
  • 2 Larger Water Slides
    • Pink Slide is an Open Figure 8 Body Slide
    • Yellow Slide is an Enclosed Water Slide
    • Both Slides Splash down in a Private Splashdown Area
    • Great for Older Kids and Adults playing in the area with their kids
  • Height Requirement – Guests of any Height

Kids love the Kiddie Water Slides at Kata’s Kookabura Cove

Kookaburra Cove kids splash park with multiple smaller water slides Aquatica 960

Toddlers love to splash in the water and at Kata’s Kookabura Cove they will have many options to play all day. The excitement and the joy that you will see on their face as your little ones, from young toddlers up to a few years of age, is always such a priceless occurrence. Knowing that you have a place designed just for the youngest kids in your family will help put your mind at ease and with Zero-Entry Access and Shallow Waters, that is precisely what you get at the Kiddie Play Park at Aquatica. There are 2 really small Water Slides out in the shallowest part of the pool that even the youngest can climb on and enjoy. The 6 larger mini-slides offer a great variety of Water Slide Fun and are terrific for the tiny tots who are ready to have some added adventure.

Kata’s Kookaburra Cove – 6 Water Slides for the youngest kids

  • Designed specifically for the Toddlers and Preschoolers
  • 2 Great Winding Tube Slides -Single and Double Riders
  • 2 Straight Gentle Sloping Body Slides
  • 1 Smaller Twisting Water Slide
  • 1 Side-by-Side Racing Slide with 4 Lanes
  • 2 Small Kiddie Playground Water Slides in the Shallow Water
  • Height Requirement – Under 48 inches

No matter what your kid’s ages are, the Water Slides at Aquatica SeaWorld Waterpark have great options for all ages. The toddlers have the option of playing at Kata’s Kookaburra Cove with tiny water slides or Splashing in some areas at the larger Walkabout Waters. The older kids will have a blast with the larger kids’ slides at Walkabout Waters and the Large Water Splashing Area. Of course, there are also many different types of Large Water Slides all around the Park for Tweens, Teens, and Adults alike. The distinctive experiences and water slide fun that can be had at Aquatica is different from all of the other Water Parks in the Orlando Area.

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