Clearwater Beach Day Trip from Orlando with Sea Screamer Boat Ride

It’s definitely worth it to venture from the crowds of Orlando and take a thrill ride on the Ocean Screamer at Clearwater Beach, Florida. Spend a day swimming, relaxing, and eating a picnic lunch on top of a 1-hour thrilling boat ride along the shoreline and the Gulf of Mexico. You can’t go wrong with venturing to one of the best beaches Florida has to offer!

Sea Screamer Speed Boat Ride and Day trip from Orlando to Clearwater Beach

This Clearwater Beach excursion whisks you off to ride the largest speed boat called the Ocean Screamer. Speed your family around on the Gulf of Mexico on this thrill ride you will never forget! This screamer of a boat is 72′ and will zip you along the shoreline at a fast speed of 35 mph. During your excursion, you will also enjoy a picnic lunch and a relaxing day on the beach!

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