Margaritaville Orlando Resort Cabana Rental

Get in your reservation early for a Margaritaville Orlando Resort Cabana Rental beside the Fins Up Beach Club Pool or the License to Chill Pool. Having a Cabana by the pool can make your daily experience so much better. Think of how nice it will be to head back to the constantly shaded space with a fan blowing cool air across you. Open the refrigerator and grab cool, refreshing water while you watch your favorite show on your flat-screen TV.

Hours of Operation

Licensed to Chill Pool Hours: 8 a.m. til Dusk

Fins Up Pool Hours: 8 a.m. til 10 p.m.

Cabanas make you feel Extra Special and Pampered

Stepping into your private Cabana makes you feel a little bit special. No matter which Cabana rental package you go with, the Cabana staff will check in with you throughout the day to see if you would like to order something from the bar. You are not limited to only beverages from the Salty Rim Bar & Grill, you can also order some food to go along with it. Once you get a Cabana, you will want to have one every day that you visit the pools.

What you get with your Cabana Rental

Front view of a cabana at the Fins Up Beach Club Pool at the Margaritavilla Resort in Orlando 960

No matter what location or level of amenities you choose, each Cabana rental comes with these items included:

  • Lounge Chairs
  • Beach Chairs
  • Small Refrigerator stocked with Bottled Water
  • Flat Screen TV
  • Ceiling Fan

Each cabana can hold up to 6 guests. Some of the Cabanas offer an upgraded furniture option for larger groups.

Cabanas at many Price Levels

The great thing about the Cabanas at the Margaritaville Resort in Orlando is, they have multiple rental levels based on the location and the number of amenities you would like included:

Cabana locations at the Fins Up Beach Club Pool at the Margaritaville Resort in Orlando

Cabana Locations:

If you are looking for more privacy, the Land-Locked Cabanas offer a more secluded location at the back section of the sand beaches. Lush landscaping and a raised level separates the Land-Locked Cabanas from the white sand beach and the Fins Up Beach Club Pool.

Beach Access:
On the same level as the Land-Locked Cabanas, the Beach Access Cabanas give you an open view of the sand and the Fins Up Pool through a walkway in between the landscaping. The better views are great for those who want to see more of what is going on at the beach.

On the Water:
The On the Water Cabanas are as close to the water as you can get. These Cabanas put you right in front of the action going on in the Fins Up Pool and you are just a couple of steps from being in the water. If you are a parent with kids, these On the Water Cabanas give you a great view of your kids playing while you get to be pampered and relax.

Stars on the Water:
Do you want the best of the best? The Stars on the Water Cabanas not only give you a prime location, at the split of the left and right half of the Fins Up Pool but you also get upgraded amenities. The upgraded couch-style furniture allows you to lay back in style. These Cabanas are great for celebrations of larger parties. If you find that you need more space, Cabanas next to these can be added in.

Level of Amenities

The Flip Flop:
Just the Cabana Please! If all you want is the Cabana with all of the furnishings it provides, the Flip Flop package is for you. You get comfortable seating, shade, mini-refrigerator, fan, and a place to call your own for the day and just relax. The Cabana staff will check in on you to see if you want to get anything from the bar.

The Shaker of Salt:
Get everything for a great Cabana stay but also have a stocked refrigerator with four (4) sodas and four (4) bottles of water. Drinks can be ordered throughout the day from the Salty Rim Bar and Grill while Cabana staff bring them right to your spot.

Stay in Paradise:
Just like the Shaker of Salt Package, the Stay in Paradise includes your four (4) sodas and four (4) bottles of water stocked up in your mini-fridge. On top of the beverages, you also get a $25 credit for Cabana Dining and Beverages from the Salty Rim Bar and Grill. Oh, and did we mention the bottle of sunscreen to help keep you from burning in the Florida sun?

The Margarita:
For the full treatment, and as much pampering as provided you can select The Margarita Package. Included in this package is a $35 Cabana dining and beverage credit. You will get the four (4) sodas and four (4) bottles of water stocked a bottle of sunscreen and 2 Margaritaville Souvenir Beach Towels.

How much do the Cabana’s Cost?

Inside a Cabana at the Fins Up Beach Club Pool at the Margaritavilla Resort in Orlando 960

There are many combinations to choose from when it comes to the Margaritaville Resort in Orlando Cabanas. Once you choose your location, your amenities package, and the season you are in, the Cabana rates will change. Please check with the front desk for the current Cabana Rates. If you would like, you can also call the Margaritaville Resort in Orlando for additional information at 407-479-0986.

Can I cancel my Cabana Rental

Cabana reservations may be canceled but must be done at least 24 hours in advance of the Cabana rental date. Any later on your cancelation and you will be charged the full amount (100%) of the cabana rental fee.

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