Dolphins, those wonderful creatures that are so hard to resist. Some even say they have a unique way of interacting with us in a way that draws us more close to them than the other mammals of the sea. Sure you can see the Dolphins at SeaWorld, you can even spend time with them at Discovery cove but if you are interested in leaving Orlando behind for a day and decide to head towards the St. Augustine area to enjoy all of the sights that this lovely beach town has to offer, you might want to consider a Dolphin Experience Day Trip from Orlando.

Swimming with the Dolphins

If you have ever been on a Dolphin watch tour where you are riding around in a boat looking for just a slight glimpse. When you do see one or maybe an entire pod frolicking in the ocean waters, your first thought might be, “I sure wish I could spend some time with them”. If this is your thought process, you might be interested in The Immersion Program at Marineland in St. Augustine Florida. This adventure takes you into the waters where you will have a full 30 minutes of fun swimming with the Dolphins.

Meet and Greet

Maybe, you are excited to see the Dolphins swimming about and you would like to spend some time with them but getting in the water with these graceful swimmers is more than you can imagine. For those who want a little more tranquil experience, the Touch and Feed might be more appropriate.

Trainer for the Day

If you are one of those who thinks 30 minutes with a Dolphin is just not enough time, there is a track that you might want to consider during your visit to Marineland. Have you every seen the majestic swimmers doing tricks in the water and you sit back and think to yourself, I missed my calling. I should have been a Dolphin Trainer. Well, now is your chance, at least for a day anyway. The Trainer for a Day program is a total 5 hour day of training and spending time with the Dolphins in ways that you could only dream of. You will have time with an already experienced trainer and learn the ins and out of how the Dolphins process your command and the proper way to present them with the information they need in order to perform. Be aware that at the end of the 5 hours, you are not going to want to leave this new wonderful friend that you have made.

Additional time in St’ Augustine

No matter what you have planned when you visit St. Augustine, there are plenty of things to do and many neat places to get your fill of the local culture. Find a nice place to dine and walk around the town where you will find many shops and special events going on all around you. If you are a history buff, you have to head over to the Castillo de San Marcos Fort where you will learn some interesting facts including the fact that this is the oldest Fort standing the the United States. After you have spent some time looking around, shopping and eating, you will wish you had more time. Maybe on the next return trip, you will have to plan for a 2 day excursion to take in more of the historical beauty that St. Augustine has to offer.

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