When you have been running the whole time on vacation it is nice to just relax while floating down the Cross Country Creek Lazy River at Blizzard Beach. This very large Lazy River is 3,000 feet in length and takes a little more than 30 minutes to go around the entire park. Those who have been to this park before know that this is a great feature, not only for the sheer joy of floating forever and losing yourself in the river but also to get you to all of the attractions without walking. You know how it is when you visit the Parks, you spend so much time walking that your feet hurt so bad during the day that it takes some of the fun out of being there. If you use this slow river to your advantage, it will do a lot of the leg work for you. Since there are a total of 7 Entry and Exit points to this ride, it will certainly get you close to anything you will want to ride.

At the base of a Ski Mountain location

The water that surrounds this amazing alpine village, as the story goes, if fed by underwater springs and melting snow from Mount Gushmore. As you float through the long cave you will feel the cold dripping of the ice water as it melts. On days when it is really hot, it will feel good as it falls over you but there are ways around if you pay attention. The beauty of the rock formations and the waterfalls make this an enjoyable experience no matter what your age. Tubes are provided at each of the entry points but if you would rather swim around or float on your back, those options are fine as well.

Cross Country Creek Lazy River at Blizzard Beach Water Park in Orlando

Disney’s Blizzard Beach Address

1534 W Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista, FL
Direct Phone Number – US and Canada: 407-939-6244

You Should Know

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  • Blizzard Beach Lazy River Information

      3,000 Feet in Length

      Takes about 35 Minutes to make your way around the entire park

      Plenty of shade along the way

      7 Entry and Exit Points to drop you off at different attractions

      Polar Caves drip water from the melting snow caps off of Mount Gushmores


      Bubbling Geysers on the route

      Inner Tubes available as part of the ride

      Tubes are not required and you can Walk or Swim as well

      Use the Lazy River as your very own floating Water Taxi to get from ride to ride

Sometimes it is fun to just relax and take in some sun with your little ones while drifting down a nice leisurely ride like the Blizzard Beach Lazy River. This ride is long enough to not see the same things over and over and also acts as a connection to all of the other park rides.