If you are looking for well rounded fun for everyone in your group, Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Slides in Orlando will be a hard one to beat. This is due mainly to the 3 different age appropriate areas to choose from in this large Water Park. If you have been to these types of Water Fun locations before you are probably familiar with the layout. There are the Large Water Slides for the Thrill Seekers and the Kiddie Play area for the Youngest ones in the group. Often times you will have kids somewhere in the middle and Blizzard Beach has done a great job of creating a perfect section just for them. For an overview of the Blizzard Beach Information you can get a feel for the entire water park .

Big Water Slides at Blizzard Beach

If you are looking for the most thrills around, your first stop will have to be the Summit Plummet. This is one you can’t miss from below and as you enter the park for the first time, you will probably look up at Mount Gushmore is surprise at this ride. What’s the big deal, you might ask? Well, this ride from the bottom was designed to look like a ski jump. Until you get up on it, it appears that anyone coming down this scary ride will fly right off of the edge and drop a hundred feet to the ground. Don’t worry, Disney would never allow this to really happen, but they are pretty good at creating illusions. Actually, this slide is one of the biggest Speed slides around, dropping you 12 stories down, through a dark tunnel. Some have said this is the biggest Water Thrill ride in Orlando and you have to give it a try if that is what you are interested in. There is also another large, very different Speed Slide at the same location, the Slush Gusher. If you are not sure if you want to drop straight down 120 feet right away, this is a great ride to get your feet wet. The Slush Gusher is still a speed slide but it breaks up the drops with 2 mounds along the way. This is unique in its own way because each time you start a new drop, you actually feel weightless before you start to drop. It is a great slide and most everyone will want to give this one a try. For a great Family Water Rapids ride, you can’t beat the Teamboat Springs. You have probably been on these family raft rides before but this one is a little different because you can fit up to 6 people in each one of the large rafts. Each time you add another member, it changes the weight in the raft which in turn changes the way that you ride down this 1,200 foot behemoth of a rapid ride. I am aware that most of us feel more comfortable riding with people that we know but if your group is smaller than 6, you might want to find a couple of other members to join in your group just to have the full experience. If you are interested in competition, this is a great water park to come to. There are 2 different water attractions that allow you to race others, whether they be family, friends or just for fun. The Downhill Double Dippers are fun for 2 racers side by side but if you have a larger group take them over to the Toboggan Racers where 8 can race at a time. If you are not really the competitive type, the Runoff Rapids might be more your style. Grab a tube and slide down any one of the 3 single or double water slides. Each one of these runs are different so you will want to try them all to get the full experience. There are also the Snow Stormers where you lay flat on your stomach riding a mat that looks like a toboggan down 3 different winding water slides. There is a slide for each teen or adult through this main section of the park. Try them all and compare which ones you like the best.

Water Slides for Tweens at Blizzard Beach

This is the area that many Water Parks leave out but is really an important part when having a family of varying age groups. The Ski Patrol Training Camp is the perfect place for Kids around the ages of 5 to 12 years of age. Normally this age group is still a little leery of getting on some of the larger water slides so this entire area is geared just for them. Having a total of 5 Water Slides in the area, larger kids can experience rides like Twin Water Slide Racers that dump 2 riders into the main pool area. If you want to try inner tubes give the Cool Running’s Water Slides a try. These twin slides snake along the snowy trail side by side dumping out into their very own small lagoon. You can even drop through a small water slide tunnel into the main pool for additional splashing fun.

Kids love the Kiddie Water Slides

Many of the young families have toddlers that they will bring to the Water Park and Blizzard Beach has you covered. There is a full area, Tike’s Peak, designed for safe play at these younger ages. There is also no reason for them to be left out of all of the fun. The youngest ones can find their own fun riding along 5 different slides in the section of the park. If they are really small, they will have a great time sliding down 2 of the really small slides that are built into an area that is like a small water playground. If your young one wants to step up to something a little bigger, there is a body slide that they can ride a winding path or a tube slide for a single rider that offers additional fun. Want to race? There is even small racing slide that allows for 3 small racers at a time.

Water Slides at The Blizzard Beach Water Park in Orlando

Disney’s Blizzard Beach Address

1534 W Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista, FL
Direct Phone Number – US and Canada: 407-939-6244

You Should Know

  • Number of Slides
  • 12 Large Water Slides with varying Heights, Twists, Turns and Rider Limits. 5 Mid Sized Water Slides for Kids Older than Toddlers but not ready for the Biggest Attractions. 5 Smaller Kiddie Slides for Toddlers.

    Mount Gushmore
    Offering 2 Remarkable Speed Slides and 1 Family Raft Ride for 6 – You get to all three of these rides by taking the Chairlifts.

      Summit Plummet

        120 Foot Drop

        It would be like sliding down the side of a 12 story building

        360 feet in total length

        Free fall Body Slide

        Some say this is the scariest ride in all of Orlando

        Part of the drop is in total darkness while shooting through a tube

        This ride looks like a ski jump from the bottom

        Digital Stop Clock Shows your speed at the bottom

      Slush Gusher

        90 Foot Drop

        Still, 9 Stories is pretty high

        Travel along 2 Rolling Hills to keep the speed down but also has multiple drop points

        If you look at Summit Plummet and feel you are not quite ready, try this one a couple of times first

        You will catch “air” as you go over the 2 hills

        Height Requirement – 48 inches

      Teamboat Springs

        1,200 Feet of Wide Water Rapids

        Rafts designed for up to 6 people – Be prepared to take on extra people if your party is smaller than 4 – This is done to keep the ride moving at a better pace and keep the lines down

        Raft Rolls up on Banks to create sprays of water

        Height Requirement – Any Height can ride

    Downhill Double Dipper – 2 Racing Water Slides

      Start 50 Feet high on the side of Mount Gushmore

      Each Slide is Identical

      200 Foot Long Course

      Reach Speeds of 25 mph

      Part of the course is enclosed and the last part is open

      Digital Stop Clocks at the end to determining the winner

      Compete against your friends and family

    Runoff Rapids – 3 Inner Tube Water Slides

      Each Water Slide is very different so you will want to try them all

      Single Rider or Dual Rider Tubes allowed on this ride

      600 Feet of Downhill Twisting Fun

      The Center Slide is a Single rider only slide with Darkness Surrounding you all the way to the bottom.

      Height Requirement – Any Height Can Ride

    Snow Stormers – 3 Toboggan Style Water Slides

      350 Foot of Winding Water Slide Fun

      Water Slides built deep into the Snow

      Water Spraying Towers look as if they are creating snow

      Toboggan Style Mats to ride on your stomach down the twisting water slide

      Height Requirement – Any Height Can Ride

      Ride all 3 – They are all different

    Toboggan Racers – 1 Racing Water Slide with 8 Lanes of Fun

      Downhill 8 Lane Racing Slide

      250 Feet in Length

      3 Fun Dips on the way down – Catch some “air” off of each dip

      True Racing – Wait for the signal and win by being the first one to the bottom

      The Start is one of the most important parts if you like to win

    Ski Patrol Training Camp – 5 Water Slides for Kids but not for the Really Young Kids< /br>If your kids are too big for the Kiddie Water Park but not quite ready for the Big Slides, this is a great place for them to hang out.

      Frozen Pipe Springs

      1. Single Enclosed Short Tube to drop into the pool area
      2. Get ready for a drop into the water

      Cool Runners Water Slide

      1. 2 Twin Curvy Inner Tube Slides
      2. Single Riders on Each Side
      3. Ends in a small pool sectioned off from the main pool

      Snow Falls Water Slide

      1. 2 Straight Downhill Water Slides
      2. Body Slides – No Tubes

      Height Requirement – Guests of any Height

    Tikes Peak – 5 Water Slides for the youngest in the group

      Made for the smaller kids in the group – Toddlers and Preschoolers

      1 Fun Inner Tube Slide -Single Rider Only

      1 Racing Downhill Slide with 3 Lanes

      2 Small Playground like Water Slides

      1 Twisting Body Slide

      Height Requirement – Under 48 inches

      Water Ride

    If you have kids in many different age ranges, the Water Slides at Blizzard Beach might be the best option for you and your family. All of the different age ranges are covered at this park from the Toddler to Tweens to Teens and Adults. Most Water Parks offer an option for the Older Kids and the Toddlers but this one also has an offering that meets the needs of those stuck in the middle. Take your family to this unbelievable adventure and see how exciting it can be for the whole family.