Just staying at one of the Disney Resorts in Orlando Fl is enough for many guests but what if you want to take it to the next level and stay at one of the many Disney World Resorts with Water Slides. While it is true that all of these magnificent locations have large swimming pools, not all of the Disney World Properties have a Water Slide? Let’s take a look at this in more detail and see which of these locations are the best fit if you are looking for a Disney World Water Slide Resort for your family on your next visit.

Do Walt Disney World Value Resorts have Water Slides?

One thing you will NOT see at the Value Resorts are Water Slides. The Disney World Value Resorts in Orlando are a wonderful place to stay if you are on a budget. Truth be told, kids seem to like these a little better than the Moderate and Deluxe Resorts because of the many colorful and playful Characters you will see throughout. Yes, you read that correctly, there are No Water Slides at the Disney Value Resorts. It is okay though, the size of the pools and the other fun around will completely make up for it and they are wonderful places to stay.

Do Walt Disney World Moderate Resorts have Water Slides?

Absolutely, in fact ALL of the Moderate Disney Resorts have Water Slides. As you step up to the Disney World Moderate Resorts you will come to find that they are geared more towards the entire family. So, add these to your list of Disney World Resorts with Water Slides.

Do Walt Disney World Deluxe Resorts have Water Slides

Yes, ALL of the Deluxe Locations are equipped with Large Water Slides and some even have a Kids Splash Zone. At the top of the list, you will find the Disney World Deluxe Resorts. At this level, you can expect the best of everything you would expect from a high end property. Enjoy the fun at the best themed properties at these Disney Resorts with Water Slides.

When Disney puts together a location for their guests, they make sure that it is a one of a kind, unique experience. This is true of these Moderate Disney World Resorts with Water Slides. What makes each one different?

Cabins at Fort Wilderness

Water Slide at the Meadow Swimmin’ Pool at the Cabins Fort Wilderness Disney World
Add a Water Slide to the Rustic Charm of the Fort Wilderness Cabins where you have to climb a flight of stairs to get to the top of the Water Barrel before sliding into the large Meadow Swimming Pool. This Corkscrew waterslide is a fun adventure for the whole family. If you have toddlers, there are even smaller slides over at the Water Play area that is designed like a Fort.

Caribbean Beach

Water slide built into an outer town wall at the Disney Caribbean Resort
Ahoy there Matey! Sail up with your Pirate Ship and plunder the Spanish Dwellings but don’t forget to take a ride on the 82 foot Water Slide at the top of the Fort to get you back to your Pirate Ship. The Caribbean Resort Pool is nicely styled and has 2 Water Slides and Water Cannons to boot. A Shipwreck for the Kiddie’s is nearby with an additional 3 small slides just perfect for the little ones.

Coronado Springs

View of the stairs that climb the Great Mayan Temple that Houses the Large Water Slide at Disney Coronado Springs
At first the large replica of a Mayan Temple catches your eye but then you see it, kids coming out of a slide right next to it. The beautiful scene of a Mayan Landscape surrounds the Pool and behind the Temple you can climb to the top of the Slide starting location and slip down this long twisting Water Slide dumping into the large pool for you to try again.

Port Orleans French Quarter

Full view of serpent water slide at the French Quarter

Don’t let the large Sea Serpent scare you away from having fun with the kids at this pool. Even though it takes up a large section in the pool, this Serpent is actually a fun Water Slide that the kids will enjoy. It might be a little small for the adults but the younger kids have a blast on this ride. Check out the sister Resort, Riverside for more Adult size Water Sliding fun.

Port Orleans Riverside

The whole family will love to splash down the Disney Port Orleans Riverside Water Slide

Jump in to Tom Sawyers Swimmin’ Hole with a huge area of Water to play in as well as the fun of having a large Water Slide built in to an old Sawmill. Since Riverside is the sister to French Quarter, you can take you pick of also using the more kid friendly Water Slide at their location as well.

Expect the best at the Deluxe Properties because Disney goes all out for their guests in many different ways when you visit one of these most prestigious places. What are the differences with the Water Slides? Have a look below to see.

Animal Kingdom Lodge

View of the Water Slide at Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge

Getting a glimpse of the Animals on the Savannah adds a very distinctive encounter as you enjoy either of the 2 large pools, both with very different Water Slides. The surroundings are very lush, as you would expect a jungle to be and at the Samawati Springs Pool you will also find a great Kids Water play area off to the side.

Beach Club

The starting point for the Water slide at the top of a Shipwreck

Arguably one of the best Water Slides at the Disney World Resorts is located at the Stormalong Bay at the Disney Beach Club Resort. This amazing slide starts outside of the pool area by climbing onto a large Shipwreck and starting at the lookout tower, sliding through an enclosed tube until getting to an open twisting flume. This slide is shared with Beach and Yacht Club Guests.

Boardwalk Inn

Full view of the Keister Coaster Water Slide at Disney Boardwalk Inn

The design of the New England Style Boardwalk is impressive enough but when you take your kids to spend some time at the pool, you will likely get some mixed reactions. The Water Slide at this Disney Property was designed to have an appearance of a wooden Roller Coaster, commonly called a Keister Coaster in New England. This Water Slide is nothing to be scared of, the entire crew will have a great time sliding on it.


A view of the pool slide at the Contemporary Resort Orlando

One of the most well known locations in the Magic Kingdom area of Disney World is the Contemporary Hotel. Many people don;t realize that this resort has 2 Pool and a nice long Water Slide to boot. This provides hours of fun while dropping off into a large heated pool with water fountains on one side to keep you cool on those really hot days.

Grand Floridian

View of the Water Slide in a Rock Formation at the Grand Floridian

You might think that the Grand Floridian and Spa Resort is almost too high class of a place if you are bringing the kids along. That is simply not the case, if you are at the main large pool you will see that there is a fun Water Slide built into a large Rock Formation. Just on the other side, the little ones will have a great time at their very own Splash Park, including 3 smaller slides just for them.

Polynesian Village

View of the Volcano Pool and the Seven Seas Lagoon in the background

An expanded Volcano envelopes one of the more impressive Disney World Resorts with Water slides for the older kids and adults but there is also a Kids Splash area with multiple smaller slides for them to enjoy. Take in the islands while enjoying time in the water at the Polynesian.

Wilderness Lodge

Water slide flowing in to the Silver Creek Springs Pool at the Disney Wilderness Lodge

The Wilderness Lodge is one of the Favorite places to stay because of its rustic beauty. The pool is very nice for guests and it does have a Water Slide but it is not the biggest one you will find at the properties. Even though it is not big, it still provides a lot of fun for the kids and the magnificence of the Resort makes up for it.

Yacht Club
View of the Stormalong Bay in the evening with the Sandy Beaches and Sand-bottom pool

Take a dip in the amazing Stormalong Bay with multiple pool areas and even have fun walking around on a sand bottom pool. The large water slide is one of the biggest in the Disney World Resorts. The Yacht and Beach Club are sister properties and they share all of the amenities they have with guests. This allows for a much bigger play area and by far the one that the kids like the most.

Many Disney Hotels with Water Slides

Take your pick from the many Disney World Resorts with Water Slides and it is impossible to go wrong. Sit down with the family before booking and find out which location they would like to go to and book the best vacation of your life.