It doesn’t matter if you are visiting for business or pleasure, the Four Seasons Orlando Pool is designed to accommodate all types of guests. This is accomplished by having two (2) distinctly different pool areas, one designed for the family lifestyle and another for those on business or just looking for that quiet, romantic getaway. This is what sets the Pool at the Four Seasons in Disney World apart from other Hotels and Resorts in Orlando.

A Full list of Water Fun Amenities is available at the Four Seasons Disney World Facts under Pools.

Family Pool

This is the largest pool at the Four Seasons Orlando and is designed to meet the needs of everyone at the family. On one end of this large pool you have Zero-Entry access making it easy for toddlers and little kids to gain access to the water. There is even a small water slide to the edge of this shallow pool section that the small children will want to go on again and again. As you make your way to the other side of the pool, the water gets a little deeper and there will be a volleyball net set up to play with friends and family to enjoy time together. The Family Pool at the Four Seasons Disney World is surrounded by colorful umbrellas and lounge chairs to continually give you shade through out the day.

Lazy River

The Lazy River at the Four Seasons Orlando is 720 feet in length and takes a good amount of time to go around. At the main entrance, there is a large Zero-Entry access point but there are multiple access areas and exit points along the full route of the River. Tubes are provided and makes this a relaxing event for all of the family. The beauty of the tropics surround you as you float along and scenic waterfalls are positioned along the path to keep you cool on those hot summer days. Watch out for the Water Cannons. Multiple Water Cannons are positioned along the Lazy River and can be used to shoot water at passers by.

Large Water Slide

Between the Family Pool and the Kids Splash zone, you can’t miss the tower and the 2 Large Water Slides that start from the top. This is a one of the main focal points of the Four Seasons Orlando Water Park and you will see Adults and Kids a like in line to have fun on these Water Slides. Each slide is 242 feet long and provide hours of enjoyment. The blue slide is completely enclosed while the cream slide is an open flue type. Both of these slides end with their own splash down area and are not dumped in to any of the pools.

Kids Splash Zone

The kids splash zone is huge with bubbling fountains, shallow depths and gradual sloping entry all of the way around. The ruins in the middle have large columns featuring multiple water spouts that kids love to run through and keep them cooled off even in the hottest weather.

Quiet Adult Pool

If you are visiting the Four Seasons in Orlando on business or a Romantic Getaway, the last thing you probably want is a bunch of kids running around you as you try to relax. This is why you will also find a Quiet, Adult Pool just for you. This pool area is designed to give you an Oasis with Sophistication and Style. The plentiful seating and umbrella’s keep you out of the sun when you want and the nearby Jacuzzi offers a tranquil space to let your cares soak away. This is truly paradise and it is for the Adults only.

Soaking in a Hot Tub

The Adult Pool at the Four Seasons Orlando has a large Jacuzzi beside their pool that is big enough to hold a group of people at a time. At the Family Pool area you will find another very large Hot Tub behind the Lounge Chairs. This Hot Tub is large enough for a lot of people but is really designed for Adults to use.

Outdoor Poolside Cabanas

You fill find that you are able to rent poolside Cabanas at both the Adult Pool and the Family Pool. These provide additional shade and deluxe seating along with pampering through the day. If you want one of these Cabanas, you might want to get it booked early as there are only a few of them at each location.

Pool Hours

Both of these pools along with the Lazy River and Water Slides are open daily from Sunrise to Sunset.