Staying at the Orlando World Center Marriott is so much more than a hotel, it has all of the amenities that you would find at a World Class Resort. Even though this Hotel has one of the largest convention centers in the Orlando area, it is not all about business. Keep in mind that if you are looking for a great place to host your next business convention or even have a great meeting place, this is a great place to have it. They are also geared toward having families come have an experience that you cannot find at other hotels in the area.

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No matter what you have set aside for your vacation budget, this Marriott Hotel will have the perfect accommodations for your stay. This is due to the 2,000 guest rooms and suites that are available here. If you are just looking for a great place to stay and cost is a concern, one of the well appointed standard guest rooms should work out just fine. If you are looking to impress or you really just want to have some additional room during your stay, you will probably want to look at upgrading to one of the many beautiful suites that are on the property. Either way, you are going to be pampered in luxurious style with all of the amenities that you would expect in a Resort of the Caliber. Along with picking out the right size room, there are also a number of different views as well, so pick the one that will make your experience the best for your family.

Mini Water Park

There are a total of 6 Swimming Pools, even 1 Indoor, heated pool at this location and a really nice water slides as well. Take the thrill of a speed slide as well as dual twisting water slides. The new Zero Entry Kid Water Playground has all of the water canons and splashing fun that any kid will enjoy. You will honestly wonder how you are ever going to get them away from this water fun area to do anything else during your trip. Adults will also enjoy the hot soaking whirlpool nearby and can relax while the kids are off playing around the pool area.

Restaurants at the Resort

For some people, just knowing that there is a Starbucks on site at this hotel will be enough reason to stay here but if you are not a huge coffee person, don’t worry, there are many restaurants available without even stepping foot off of the property grounds. There are a total of 4 main restaurants to choose from as well as a Food Court and Room Service. There are also a couple of locations to wind down at a nice bar setting at the end of the day to just relax and chat about everything that you have been doing. If you decide that you want to dine off of the property, you are right in the heart of Orlando so you will find anything you would be looking for nearby

There are so many other things that you can take in and be a part of when you visit like, taking the kids to the large arcade or going to the spay and getting a massage. Just about anything you can think of is available so take a look at all of the amenities and start planning out your next trip.