As you drive up to the Orlando World Center Marriott, you will almost feel like you are entering a small city. Viewing it from the road or in a sky view on Google Maps makes this place look very impressive. The main hotel is a massive 28 Story Tower in the middle of multiple buildings used to expand the resort location. You will find a huge convention center and many places to dine at this resort. Please make sure you pick up a map when you check in; you will need it.

Large Number of Rooms and Suites

Luxury and Elegance are what you will see when you enter the Marriott World Center Hotel and Convention Center. Finding a room to accommodate everyone in your group at this resort is no problem. With 2,000 Rooms and Suites, this is a great location to bring your family or extended family, have a family reunion or even have a large business event. The World Center Marriott in Orlando is designed to meet your needs no matter what size party you have. Select from Standard Guestrooms with the ability to have connecting rooms if needed. Need something a little larger? You might be interested in one of the many well-appointed suites. Some of the Suites are very large, up to a total size of 1,200 Square Feet. Enjoy a room with the amenities of home while having a vacation to remember for a lifetime. Remember that Suites are limited, so you will want to look at the availability and book soon. For a full list of room types, look at our Amenities section.

More Details

Orlando World Center Marriott Reviews


The Orlando Marriott World Center Resort is Huge! The first thing you should do when you enter the lobby is pick up a hotel map, so you don't get lost. The rooms are very comfortable, and the main outdoor Oasis pool is huge. Multiple water slides were like a big magnet for the kids, and everyone in the family loved floating around on the long lazy river. Large screens placed around the pool area made it fun to watch sports while the kids were off splashing around. The staff is well trained and very accommodating for our needs.


This resort is very large, maybe a little too large for some. It is well maintained. Make sure you get up early for your Starbucks coffee, or you could get stuck in a line. Be sure to add in the amount for parking and the resort fee to get the overall cost of your stay. Some guests complained about the noise around the pool area and mentioned that a room on the other side of the resort might cut down on the sound.

* Estimate of Rating Levels

Above Average - 80%
Average - 11%
Below Average - 9%

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Beauty surrounds you

Walking around the grounds, you will find yourself in a lovely Orlando oasis-themed location with luxurious landscaping and sculptured trees and shrubs along the walkways. The pool is vast, and the kids will have a great time with the long twisting slide built into a nice rock formation. To the side of the main outdoor pool, you will see the Water Slide Tower, including two long, 200-foot twisting Water Slides. On top of that, for real thrill seekers, there is even a 90-foot speed slide to get your heart racing. The splash pad, kid rated activity center, offers great fun for the smaller ones and has a water slide just for them. The River Falls Water Park adds three tube slides and a 575-foot lazy river. Try prying the kids away from this! Please look at our Pool Informationfor complete details and up-to-date information.

You want to put this as a contender on your vacation list. For example, suppose you will stay in Orlando this year and want the best luxury stay experience and fun amenities. In that case, this is a great place to look at. Enjoy multiple restaurants on the property and many other recreational items like a fitness center, tennis, and jogging; this resort has it all. For a full list, take a look at the Amenities.

Something to think about

This Hotel is in a great location if you are interested in staying at a place with first-class accommodations and within a few miles of the main attractions and Theme Parks in the Orlando area. With the addition of the new Water Park amenities, you should plan some time to stay at this resort so the kids can experience all it has to offer. If you think of it this way, you might save a little money for the trip. You are already paying for the location and get all the water-fun amenities during your stay. The longer the kids want to stay and play, the fewer days you will have to buy tickets to the other attractions. If your goal is to hit everything you can in Orlando during your stay, you will want to map out your schedule ahead of time to ensure you get it all in. You will be in a great spot with a lot to do. Please get your tickets early so that they are out of the way and you don’t waste any time on vacation.

Orlando World Center Marriott

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