The Westgate Town Center Water Park, Ship Wreck Island is a little different from most Water Parks you might visit at a Hotel or a Resort. When you look at the Pictures of the Westgate Resort Water Park in Kissimmee Fl from above, one of the first things you notice, is it is setup on 2 levels. Not only do you climb a single story to get to most of the attractions, the Lazy River is located on this level as well. While it adds a lot of family fun, it is only free for Owners. If you have booked a stay through the Resort or a Third Party site like Hotels .com, you will have to pay extra to gain access to this park. You might think admission to this fun Water Park at the Westgate Resort in Orlando would be included in the Resort Fee but that is sadly, not the case.

After looking at all of the amazing images of the Westgate Town Center Water Park, you might not care about the extra cost. It could easily be worth it for a day or two.

Ship Wreck Island Water Park

Large Water Slides

View of the 2 Large Water Slides at the Westgate Town Center Water Park

There are 2 Large Water Slides with their own Splash Down area. Each of these Slides start on the second level and splash down on the ground level. Both of these Water Slides are Body Slides, the blue one is enclosed and the red one is an open flume slide. Lifeguards are around to make sure everyone stays safe while having a fun time.

The Ship Wreck Island Kids Splash Park

The Kids Splash Water Park on the second level of the Ship Wreck Island at the Westgate Resort in Kissimmee Fl

Kids will have a blast at the Ship Wreck Island with so many different things for them to do. They are able to climb and play and hide with newly formed friends. Water Cannons are in multiple locations to spray others as they are walking through the pirate maze. Multiple enclosed and open water slides are perfect for all ages.

Lazy River around the Ship Wreck Island

Large Flowing Lazy River covers the entire top section of the Water Park at Westgate Resort in Kissimme Fl

When you first see the Lazy River at the Ship Wreck Island, you are pretty much in amazement at this flowing water on a second level Water Park. The kids and adults alike can have fun and relax in this 700 foot Lazy River that wraps around the entire park.

Westgate Town Center Resort Water Park:

  • Hours: Open from 11am until 7pm (Subject to change)
  • Admission: There is a fee for each person wanting to enter the Ship Wreck Island Water Park. The only exception to this is if you are an owner. Owners get free admission when they are at the Resort. Please check with the Front Desk when booking to find out any additional fees.
  • Who: It is only open to Owners and Guests of the Westgate Resort. This Water Park is not open to the Public.
  • Lifeguards: The Water Slides will have Workers stationed to make sure everything is safe and runs smooth.