The Westgate Vacation Villas Resort and Spa is located just south of Disney’s Animal Kingdom and is in the western section of the Disney World area. There is a full Water Park at the Westgate Vacation Villas Resort located in the Westgate Town Center Resort location. If you are an owner, you get complimentary access to the park, but if you are a guest, there is a daily fee per guests to enter. It might be something to look into since it has a couple of large water slides, lazy river and even a kids splash park with water cannons and smaller slides.

If you did not know already that there are two resorts in 1 at this Westgate location, you might want to take a look at What is the difference between Westgate Vacation Villas and Town Center Resort?

Westgate Vacation Villas Resort Reviews


You will find numerous accounts of guest raving about the entire property like nothing could ever go wrong. Many talk about the courteous staff and attention to get things right for you. The property is huge and there are 14 pools covering the many location around the grounds. On top of that, there is so much to do with an 18 hole mini golf course, swan boats to take on the water, basketball and much more.


Know going in that this is a Timeshare resort and many visitors mention the pushy sales people. If you have no interest in being an owner and going through the process of looking at buying, just politely tell them no and be on your way. Some guests did not feel there were enough walking paths to get around to the various areas.

* Estimate of Rating Levels

Above Average - 67%
Average - 13%
Below Average - 20%

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Westgate Vacation Villas

Extra space and clean surroundings is a good way to describe the Vacation Villas at the Westgate Resort in Kissimmee Fl. If you don’t need much space, you can start with a smaller Studio with a single room, two double beds, kitchenette and a full bath. The larger Villas are the 2 Bedroom Deluxe with loft. These spaces cover a full 1,000 square feet, have a full kitchen and can hold up to 10 guests comfortably. Additional information on the Villas and the amenities that come with them can be located when you Book the Westgate Vacation Villas at


So much to do at the Vacation Villas Resort Westgate, it will take you some time just to read through it all. A more detailed look at the Resort Activities and Amenities with Pictures will give you a quick idea of all the fun your family can have on this vacation.


Absolutely you can bring your pet. In fact, you can bring a dog or a cat. There are additional requirements, be sure and look at the Westgate Pet Policy before bringing your pet along.

There is so much to do and see at the Westgate Vacation Villas Resort in Kissimmee Florida. Look through all of the information and see if this is an excellent location for your next family vacation.

Westgate Vacation Villas Resort

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