There are only a few 5 Star Hotels in Orlando but with the style and grace along with the high end Amenities, the Wyndham Reunion Resort is one of those locations. I know that the Reunion Resort is a few miles south of the Disney World Parks but after you stay at a property that is this well maintained and the accommodations are first class, it is really difficult to find anything else to meet these expectations.

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Know before you go

The different places you can stay when you are visiting the Reunion Resort will truly astound you. There are many different ways to book your reservations but if you want to be guaranteed access to all of the things to do as well as the unbelievable Water Park on the grounds, you might want to consider booking directly through the Wyndham Reunion Resort Site. Some of the owners offer access to these amenities but you have to verify this directly with them. Also, there might be additional fees if you do not book direct so make sure you know what you are getting when you sign on the dotted line and send away your money.

Places to lay your head

It is almost overwhelming when you first look at the options you have at this place. Some love to vacation and only stay at “The Grande”, while others would much rather stay in a Villa or even have their own vacation home. The Grande Hotel is opulence at its best. It is hard to miss this large 11 story building as you drive near the property as it is in the middle of the resort and seen from all vantage points. Inside, you will find your perfect 1 and 2 bedroom Villas with fully equipped Kitchens ready for you to move in for your stay. All of these options are available to you when you book and every place is maintained to the highest quality. If you decide to book a place outside of the main website, make sure that the person you are dealing with at least has a management company to maintain the property for them. This will help if you run into that unexpected problem that arises because someone will be on hand to get things taken care of during your stay.

11 Swimming Pools and a Full Water Park

Are there really that many pools? The answer is a fantastic “Yes there are!”. Each of the segments of the property have their own Pool area. There are not any Lifeguards at any of these pools so you will want to have adult supervision at all times. There are a couple of very special locations to add as well. One that really stands out is the Rooftop Pool at The Grande Hotel. Yes, you read that correctly, take the elevator up to the top floor where you can dine at the prime restaurant “Eleven” and then take a swim at the large pool on the roof. In the evenings, this is a great place to hang out and see the Fireworks blasting from Epcot in the distance. The largest in the area is the Seven Eagles Pool. This is a very large complex right across from the Grande where the entire community can hang out and spend time together. There is a option for Poolside dining, Billiards and even a game room in this area as well. Now for what you have been waiting for, the Waterpark. Remember, that you are not guaranteed access to this area unless the owners have paid for access and can allow you in as a guest or if you have booked through the resort itself. There is a huge pool area with with Zero-Entry access for the young ones to easily slip into the pool. This section ties directly into the Long, slow flowing, lazy river that adds relaxation to the trip. There is a nice water slide that is always manned by a lifeguard. On the other side of this location the young kids will have a blast in the Kids Splash Zone. For complete information check out all the Water Fun available.

Other Outdoor Fun

Tennis anyone? If you are an avid Tennis player or you just want to try your hand at the game. If you are seasoned in the game there are 6 lighted courts for you to take your challenge to but if you are a novice, there are lessons to be had. Just contact the front desk and get something setup. You will be glad you did.

Looking for a way to get around but walking is a little slow for you. A great way to spend time with the family is to rent a bicycle or a surrey. This gives you a grounded outdoor perspective of the landscape while enabling you to have conversations while riding around on your bike. You can rent this pedaling transportation by the hour, day or week.