Can I bring my Dog or Cat to Floridays Resort Orlando?

Yes! Well, Maybe. The reason for such an unrefined answer is because of the weight limit imposed by Floridays. Don’t get me wrong, it is amazing that they allow you to bring your Dog or Cat to this resort but keep in mind that each pet cannot weigh over 25 pounds. You will also have a limit of bringing no more than 2 pets for your visit. Did you know that most of the Pet Friendly Hotels in Orlando only allow dogs? That being the case, the Floridays Resort Orlando Pet Policy is one of the few hotels in the area, allowing you to bring your cat as well.

Pet Policy Paperwork and Fees

In order to bring your Pet, you must sign the Floridays Resort Pet Policy Agreement. If you decide to bring your Dog or Cat with you on your trip, there is a non-refundable per-stay fee applied to your pet’s stay. This is not a deposit and it does not get returned to you at the end of the trip. There is also the potential to owe more if your pet causes any damage to the room or furnishings while you are at the property. Please be sure to check with the Resort to make sure there is availability when booking your pet room.

Special Note:

Although this information was correct at the time of publishing, always check with the Resort front desk about any additional fees for bringing your pet in case the policy has changed.

Pet Policy Restrictions at the Floridays Resort in Orlando

Your Dog is your family so be sure to know all of the stipulations he/she will have when you visit. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Pet Checklist

All Pets must:

  • be in domesticated
  • be less than 25 pounds
  • be dogs or cats only
  • only 2 dogs or cats per Suite

In order to bring your pet:

  • Must let the front desk know at check-in
  • Pay a non-Refundable per-stay service fee at check-in
  • Additional Fees if Pet causes damage
  • must be supervised at all times
  • must be put up during Housekeeping (Crate)
  • must be on a leash when taken out of the Villa

The full list of requirements and restrictions are in the Pet-Friendly Agreement you will be signing with the Floridays Resort. Be sure to look over the entire agreement for additional items and any changes that might occur.

Service Animals are always welcome

Service Animals are always welcome at the Floridays Resort Orlando and are not considered Pets under the Pet Policy Rules.

Pet Accommodations for your Dog or Cat

What a great time you will have with your fuzzy friend on vacation. Just think of the peace of mind you will have to be able to spend time with your pet while you are having a fun time as well.

Please note the information and fees provided can change without notice, however, was accurate when published. To confirm all details you will need to check directly with the properties in question before completing your vacation planning.
Floridays Resort Orlando

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