Gaylord Palms Lazy River Crystal River Rapids

Adding to the already amazing water park, the Gaylord Palms Lazy River Crystal River Rapids was added in March of 2021 to expand the fun for families. The concept behind the Crystal Lazy River was inspired by the many spring-fed rivers throughout the state of Florida. Entering this flowing river, you might notice that it is a little bit faster than some of the lazy rivers you have experienced. Actually, the water will move you around the river at a rate of about 3.5 feet per second. While this might not sound fast, once you get in, you will feel the current pushing you along at a fairly good rate. This adds a little more thrill as you are carried by the current through this winding water fun attraction.

Fountains, Sprinklers and Waterfalls

Leaf Sprinklers Crystal River Rapids lazy river at the Gaylord Palms Water Park 1000
Leaf flowing fountains

Zipping along the river’s flow, you will also experience wonderful water features. A small overhead cave system provides a waterfall feature as you enter and exit. There is another waterfall on the other side of the lazy river that flows from the side wall to cool you off. Sprinklers will spray continuously into the river, and tall leafy structures also have a steady water flow in some locations.


Alcove at the Crystal River Rapids lazy river at the Gaylord Palms Water Park 1000
Alcove to take a break but stay in the water

As you whisk around the Crystal River Rapids, there are a couple of alcoves built in to take a break from the flow of the water. These are great resting spots but also provide a fun way to relax, stay cool and watch as other guests float by.

Additional information

Family with Life Vests at the Crystal River Rapids lazy river at the Gaylord Palms Water Park 1000
Family wearing Life Vests new Waterfall

Unlike most “Lazy Rivers,” the Crystal River Rapids is a fast-flowing river. Because of this, tubes are not allowed in the lazy river. Life vests are provided around the river for your convenience and are a good option for smaller kids. The depth of the Crystal River is 3 feet 6 inches all the way around so that younger kids may feel safer with a lifevest on. It only takes a few minutes to get around the entire lazy river. As you float around, you see an oasis of flowing water surrounded by beautiful plants and trees.

Where is the Crystal River Rapids Located

Overhead view of the Crystal River Rapids lazy river at the Gaylord Palms Water Park 1000
Overhead View of the Lazy River behind the Water Slides

Located right behind the Water Slides at Big Cypress Tower, you will find the Crystal River Rapids. It is easy to get to, and while the Crystal Springs Water Park at the Gaylord Palms is large, it is not massive like some of the main water parks in Orlando.

Cabanas, Reserved Seating and Lounge Chairs

Seating around the Crystal River Rapids lazy river at the Gaylord Palms Water Park 1000
Seating around the lazy river

With the addition of the Crystal River Rapids, there is also more seating for your to enjoy. In fact, the Gaylord Palms added a new option, Reserved Seating. Have you ever walked through a water park and found it difficult to find enough seating for your entire family to sit together? This can be a very frustrating process. Getting reserved seating takes care of this issue for you. And while it does cost more to get reserved seating, it eliminates the frustration of finding a place to inhabit for the day at the water park. If you want to be pampered, check out the Cabanas around the water park. Know that the Cabanas and Reserved seating go fast, so it might be a good idea to reserve as soon as possible.

If you do not want to pay for seating, there are plenty of lounge chairs around the Lazy River and other areas of the water park. These are provided as a first come, first serve option. Getting to the park early will give you a better opportunity to find just the right spot for your resting spot for the day.

Making it a fun day at the Water Park

Adding a fast Lazy River to the Gaylord Palms Water Park is a great addition for sure. Water Slides, the kid’s splash park, and the pools are also great fun. Have fun and stay safe at the Cypress Springs Water Park at Gaylord Palms.

Frequently Asked Questions: Gaylord Palms Lazy River Crystal River Rapids

Is the Lazy River Heated?

Yes, the lazy river is heated as well as the Cypress Springs Family Pool and the South Beach Pool

Are there any life vests at the Crystal River Rapids?

Yes, there are various size life vests for kids around the lazy river. Life Vests are not to be used as a float and must be worn if in the Lazy River.

Are tubes allowed in the Lazy River?

No, the River Rapids moves at a faster pace than a standard Lazy River and tubes are not available and they are not allowed, Life Vests are available around the River.

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