Island H2O Live Lagoon Reload Rapids Water Slide

Great for one or two riders, the Island H2O Live Lagoon Reload Rapids Water Slide is one you will want to ride multiple times. Two person tube rides make for a fun time to share. The Reload Rapids Water Slide has high-banked turns and tight corners for a full ride of fun down to the splash zone. Part of the flume is open while other sections are closed. This ride gets fun when you set your slide to your music and you get to see lights through the enclosed tube sections.

Splashing down the Reload Rapids water slide at the Island H2O Live Water Park in Orlando 960

What makes the Reload Rapids Water Slide even more unique are the tight enclosed tube sections that open to much larger, cavernous areas where you are thrown about from side to side. What an exhilerating experience.

Relaod Rapids Information:

  • Thrill Level: Moderate
  • Length: 314 feet long
  • Riders: 1 – 2 Riders per tube
  • Min Height: 48″
  • Max Weight: 1 Person: 300 lbs – 2 Persons: 400 lbs
  • Music: Control the Music and you will see lights in the enclosed tube sections

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