Island H2O Live Lagoon Profile Plunge Water Slide

Get ready for a great splash down at the end of the Island H2O Live Lagoon Profile Plunge Water Slide. This colorful, orange, yellow and white water slide is great fun for the family or a group. Up to 6 guests can share the experience of getting shifted back and forth as you go through multiple twists and turns. A large section of the ride is enclosed with ring lighting to give a great effect going down. At the end of the Profile Plunge, a couple of short drops pick up your speed right before the large splash down.

Colorful lighted rings in the enclosed tube at the Profile Plunge water slide at the Island H2O Live Water Park in Orlando 960

The Profile Plunge water slide is more fun with more people. Adding weight to this ride makes is unpredictable and a different ride each time you go down.

Profile Plunge Information:

  • Thrill Level: Max
  • Length: 587 feet long
  • Riders: Up to 6 People in a Large Tube
  • Min Height: 42″
  • Max Weight: 1000 lbs
  • Music: Control the Music in the enclosed section of the tube

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