Island H2O Live Lagoon Reply Racers Water Slide

On your mats, get set, GO! From the bottom, watching others race on the Island H2O Live Lagoon Reply Racers Water Slide, the excitement grows. Grab your mat and climb to the top with your family and friends. Prepare for a wild, downhill race with flat areas along the way to give you a feeling of weightlessness as you drop down another hill. Who will be the winner at the bottom?

Racing Water Slides at the Island H2O Live Water Park in Orlando 960

One race will not be enough. You have to keep going to see how many times you can end up in the lead. The Reply Racer water slide is one to do again and again.

Reply Racers Information:

  • Thrill Level: Moderate
  • Length: 288 feet long
  • Riders: 1 rider per mat and per lane
  • Min Height: 42″
  • Max Weight: 300 lbs

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