Island H2O Live Lagoon The Downloader Water Slide

Are you ready to slosh around in a big bowl of water? The big swirling bowl is one of the fascinating sections of the Island H2O Live Lagoon The Downloader Water Slide. Starting out at the top of The Downloader, this one or two person tube ride begins in an enclosed section of tube. Get ready for some unique lighting and also to hear the music you picked when setting the genre on your wristband. Great for one or two riders, the Island H2O Live Lagoon Reload Rapids Water Slide is one you will want to ride multiple times. At the end of the ride, you get launched into a huge bowl where you will go around a couple of times before being sucked into the final tube to the splash zone.

Starting point at The Downloader water slide at the Island H2O Live Water Park in Orlando 960

The Downloader is fun. Great by yourself but even more fun with the weight of a friend. The heavier the cargo, the more times you might get around the bowl before being carried to the splashdown area.

Relaod Rapids Information:

  • Thrill Level: Moderate
  • Length: 284 feet long
  • Riders: 1 – 2 Riders per tube
  • Min Height: 48″
  • Max Weight: 1 Person: 300 lbs – 2 Persons: 400 lbs
  • Music: Control the Music as you slide around in the Downloader

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