How Many Pools are at the Mystic Dunes Resort?

There are a total of 4 Mystic Dunes Resort Pools with a Water Slide at the largest Family oriented, Dunes Lagoon Pool. The Dunes Lagoon Pool is a full 2 acres in size with 17,000 square feet of deck space. The Pool is very inviting and gives you that Oasis feel that you are expecting when visiting a tropical location in Orlando Fl.

Dunes Lagoon Pool at Mystic Dunes Resort Zero Entry

Zero-Entry at Mystic Dunes Resort Orlando 960

It is something so simple but gives parents the simple pleasure of putting their minds at ease. The gentle sloping, zero entry access point to the Dunes Lagoon Pool at the Mystic Dunes Resort offers an easy way for the little ones to get in and out of the pool without the fear of falling in. Still, there are no lifeguards at the pools so be sure to keep a close eye on your children as they play. Across from the entry, the beauty of the Waterfalls over the large 2 story rock formation lend a tone of tranquility. This rock formation is also the stairway to the top of the 2-story Water Slide.

Water Slide at the Dunes Lagoon Pool

Pool Waterfall feature at Mystic Dunes Resort Orlando 960

At first glance, you don’t see a Water Slide at the Dunes Lagoon Pool but on closer inspection, you start to see it. You will see a railing at the top of the rocks providing a secure entry point to the slide and at the bottom of the rock formation the splash down zone from the enclosed water slide.

Important Information

  • Height Requirements: You must be 48″ to use the Water Slide
  • Lifeguards are not at any of the pools

Kids Water Feature at Dunes Lagoon Pool

Kids water feature at the Mystic Dunes Resort in Orlando 960

The little ones will have fun at the shallow water play area with the mushroom fountain.

Cabanas at Dunes Lagoon Pool

Cabanas are available for rent by the Dunes Lagoon Pool. Cabanas are limited so be sure to book one early before the day you plan to use it.

Pool Towels

Towels are provided for your convenience at the pools.


There are no lifeguards at the Mystic Dunes Pools.

Mystic Dunes Resort

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