Water Park and Pools at the World Center Resort Marriott

The Orlando World Center Marriott Resort is a truly amazing place to be. As soon as you walk in and see the expansive swimming pools and water park, you know that you’re in for a fun time. There’s something for everyone, with plenty of water fun to be had. Whether you’re swimming in the pool, playing in the water park, or just relaxing in the sun, you’re sure to have a great time.

The Falls Lagoon Pool is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the company of friends. With plenty of seating, from lounge chairs to large cabanas, you’ll have no trouble finding a spot to take in the beautiful view. This 400-thousand-gallon heated pool is an Oasis for your next vacation. Sit by the pool and sip your favorite drink or layout on the large pool deck. Zero entry access provides a safer location for the smaller ones, and a sun shelf wraps around the pool to offer a great place to enjoy the water while sitting at the edge of the pool. But, this is just the start. The fun continues with three heart-pounding water slides nearby at the slide tower.

More water park fun is just around the corner at the River Falls Water Park. Added in 2022, the River Falls Water Park adds much more fun to the water adventures at the Orlando World Center Marriott. Grab your inner tube and head to the top of the water slide tower to start your descent to the splash area on one of three large water slides. Families will also love having a 575-foot lazy river to float around, and a shallow area is provided with zero entry for the little ones to have their own space to play.

Let’s take a closer look at some fantastic Water Amenities with outdoor pools, adult water slides, kids splash park, and much more.

Water Park Information at Orlando World Center Marriott:

  • Pool Hours: Daily 10am – 8pm
  • Water Slide Hours: Daily 11am – 7pm
  • Outdoor Pool: Falls Pool is the main pool, but there is another more quiet pool
  • Large Water Slides: One (1) 90-foot drop slide, Two (2) 200-foot water slides at the tower, and three (3) tube slides at the River Falls water park.
  • Kids Water Slides: One (1) kids water slide at the kiddie splash pool
  • Lazy River: 575-foot lazy river with zero entry at the River Falls water park
  • Kids Splash Park: The Kids Area has a shallow pool with multiple water sprinklers and a kid’s water slide.
  • Zero-entry: Zero-entry access is available at the kid’s pool and the lazy river at the River Falls water park
  • Hot Tub: There are Hot Tubs at the Outdoor Pools
  • Towels: Towels are provided at the pool area
  • Cabanas: Cabanas are available for an additional fee. Be sure to book yours early.
  • Notice: Pool hours can change without notice. Always check the hotel’s daily schedule for the updated pool hours and any events.
  • Who: The Pools and Water Park are for all Guests at the Marriott World Center
  • Lifeguards: Lifeguards are on duty around the pools and the water slides

Falls Lagoon Pool

Falls Lagoon Pool with large screens at World Center Marriott Orlando

In a leisure setting, the Falls Lagoon Pool is unique in every way. Having multiple multiple entry points, with a large zero entry point, makes this a great pool for all ages. Multiple, huge flat screens are located around the pool for sports viewing pleasure, and the pool bar staff is happy to take care of your food and beverage orders. Seating around the Falls Lagoon Pool is plentiful with lounge chairs, and private cabanas that are available for rent. Located on the edge of the pool are multiple sun shelves getting you into the water without being completely immersed. Towels are provided at multiple locations around the pool.

Twisting Tower Water Slide

Tower 2 long water slides at Marriott World Center Orlando 960

Fun for all of the older kids and adults, the two twisting water slides from the tower are mesmerizing. Each of these mammoth water slides is 200 feet in length, one is enclosed and the other is an open flume type. Both of these slides end in a private splash down area away from the crowds at the pools.

Speed Water Slide

Speed Slide at the Tower Marriott Orlando World Center 960

Break out the adventure and try the 90-foot drop, speed slide located at the tower. Do you dare?

Kids Splash Pool

Kids Splash Park with Sprinklers and Water Slide World Center Marriott Orlando 960

Behind the Falls Pool, you will find the Kids Splash Pool. This shallow pool has a zero-entry on one end and a small water slide on their other. Throughout the pool area, kids will find large flowers, sprinkling and spray on them all day to keep them cool. Plenty of seating surrounds the Kids Pool for the parents to take in the Florida sun and some much-needed relaxation.


Cabanas around the Oasis Pool

Cabanas are available for Rent by the day or half day. The Cabanas are limited so be sure to rent yours the day you check in.

Water Slides at the River Falls Water Park

Water Slides at the River Falls Water Park

Take on the three multi-rider, inner tube water slides at the River Falls Water Park. Each of these water slides is very different and offers riders a fun time at the splash zone at the bottom.

Aquasphere Water Slide

  • 498 Feet Long
  • Designed for Thrill Seekers with sharp turns and dips along the way
  • Up to two (2) riders in a double inner tube
  • Max weight: 400lbs

Boomerango Slide

  • 425 Feet in Length
  • Enclosed Flume Slide
  • Drops to a 20-foot tall wall to boomerang riders the splash zone
  • Up to two (2) riders in a double inner tube
  • Max weight: 400lbs

Tail Spin Slide

  • Longest Water Slide at 525 Feet Long
  • Open and enclosed flume sections with spinning action before final plunge to splash zone
  • Up to two (2) riders in a double inner tube
  • Max weight: 400lbs
All Water Slides at the River Falls Water Park require riders to be at least 48" tall to ride

River Falls Lazy River

River Falls Lazy River

Located at the River Falls Water Park, the Lazy River offers a wonderful experience for guests to float on tubes around a 575-foot floating oasis. Gentle flowing water moves riders along this 10-foot wide fun lazy river experience.

Kids water play area River Falls Water Park

Kids play area at the River Falls Water Park

Little ones can play at the water's edge at the River Falls Water Park. Zero entry access and an area sectioned off from the lazy river with shallow water, bubbling fountains, and raining leaves make for a great spot to play with your toddlers.

Frequently Asked Questions: Orlando World Center Marriott Pools and Water Park

Is there a Height Requirement for the Water Slides?

Yes, a minimum height of 48" is required to ride any of the water slides from the tower. There is a small kiddie slide located around the back of the Falls Pool at the splash park.

Are Lifeguards on duty?

Yes, Lifeguards are always watching the Water Slide areas.

Are the Pools heated?

Yes, the pools are heated year round

What hours are the pools open?

Pools are open from 10am until 8pm daily.

Are towels provided?

Yes, towels are provided at the River Falls Water Park and the Falls Lagoon Pool

How deep is the main pool?

The deepest part of any pool is 6 feet.

Is there a Wave Pool at the River Falls Water Park?

A wave pool would be a great addition but at this time there is NOT a wave pool at the World Center Marriott in Orlando

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