Important Information about Shark Reef at Typhoon Lagoon

As of 2016, Disney closed the Shark Reef Snorkeling adventure at Disney Typhoon Lagoon. At this time, there is no additional information and no plans on Disney Reopening this one of a kind adventure. Information on how amazing this attraction was is still available below for your enjoyment.

Snorkeling at Shark Reef in Disney Typhoon Lagoon

If you have ever taken a Cruise or visited any of the islands in the Caribbean, you know that one of the excursions you get to do is snorkeling. This may sound like a lot of fun but you might be a little nervous about being in an area that you don’t feel comfortable in while doing this for the first time. If this is the case for you or you just love being in the saltwater viewing all of the beauty beneath the surface then Snorkeling at Shark Reef in Disney Typhoon Lagoon is what you are looking for. As you walk up to this area in the Water Park you will see what looks to be a capsized vessel in the water surrounded by over 360,000 Gallons of saltwater. This large Aquarium type pool setting is perfect for those who want to experience snorkeling in a more controlled environment.

What will I see at Shark Reef?

You need to be prepared for a difference in water temperature than you are used to and that you will be swimming around in water that is kept at around 68 degrees. This saltwater arena is filled with Bonnethead and Leopard Sharks as well as Stingrays and many other colorful tropical fish. At 10 feet deep you will get the feeling as if you were in a tropical area with the knowledge that you are being watched to make sure everything is always safe for your adventure. If you decide that you really don’t want to get wet but you would like to see all of the Tropical wonders down below, you are able to step down into the belly of the sunken ship and view everything around you from portholes in the side of the ship.

So, How much does this cost?

The astonishing fact about this exciting activity is that it does not cost anything extra. That is right, it is included with your park admission. So what are you waiting for, go grab your snorkel, mask, and an optional life vest and enjoy everything that Shark Reef has to offer?

Shark Reef Information:

  • 362,000 Gallon Saltwater Environment
  • Water is kept at 68 Degrees for the Aquatic inhabitants
  • Access is included in Park Pass
  • Snorkel, Mask and Life vest provided for free
  • Sunken Capsized Ship with Portholes for Dry Viewing
  • Lifeguards on Hand
  • Beginner Training before Getting in to the Tank
  • Submerged Rock Formation for Resting if needed
  • Kids under 10 MUST be accompanied by an adult

Tips for Best Enjoyment of Shark Reef

  • Don’t rush through the attraction, take your time to enjoy all of the sea life below
  • Take a life vest even if you are a good swimmer. This allows you to float at a slower pace and keep your body orientation in a perfect position for viewing all of the beauty below the surface of the water.
  • Listen closely to all of the Instruction given at the beginning to make sure you stay safe.

This is an attraction that needs to be done regardless of the reason you came to the Water Park. Enjoy the fun and excitement of snorkeling with your friends and family while visiting the Disney Typhoon Lagoon Shark Reef Snorkeling Attraction in Orlando Florida. It will be an adventure that you can talk about and look back on forever.

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