Disney Typhoon Lagoon Water Slides in Orlando

The Disney Typhoon Lagoon Water Slides in Orlando are some of the best in Florida. Amazement overcomes you as you see how many different types of water slides there are to tackle. No matter what type of rider you are, Typhoon Lagoon has the perfect water slide for the meek to the die-hard, bring it on individual.

Take on the Big Water Slides at Typhoon Lagoon

Speed slides are not for everyone but if you are ready for the fastest water slides at Typhoon Lagoon, there are three (3) main attractions.

Humunga Kowabunga

will stimulate the senses of even the most seasoned rider with drops 36 feet and speeds that will reach around 30 miles an hour. If you have never been on one of the speed slides before, hold on tight, it only takes a few seconds to get from the top to the bottom.

Humunga Kowabungo offers 3 Exhilarating Speed Slides

  • 36 Foot Drop – Like zipping down the side of a 4 story building where the first part of the drop is in the dark.
  • 60 Degree Angle – It feels steeper when you are looking down from the top
  • 3 Body Slides side by side – No Tubes
  • Height Requirement – 48 inches
  • Thrill Ride

Rudder Buster, Stern Burner & Jib Jammer

The Storm water slides are great for those who still want an exhilarating ride but would like to tone it down just a bit. These water slides are at the very back of the Typhoon Lagoon water park. Each of these Storm Slides, wind you through caverns and waterfalls before dropping you off in its own private splashdown area. These water slides are unique in their own right and you will need to try all of them to see which one you enjoy the best. Just because they drop you off in the same pool at the end doesn’t mean that they are the same ride on the way down.

Storm Slides has 3 Winding Slides

  • 3 Story Downhill Slide
    • Jib Jammer
    • Stern Burner
    • Rudder Buster
  • Body Slide – No Tubes
  • Twist and Turn your way to the bottom
  • Height Requirement – None
  • Small Drops

Falls Water Slides

Head over to the Falls Water Slides that carry you down and through mountain rapids. The scenery on the way down is very beautiful but it is really hard to pay attention to the detail because you will be having so much fun. Two of these falls water rides are designed for single rider tubes but one of these water slides is a family favorite with room for 4 guests at a time in a single large tube.

Gangplank Falls – A Family Favorite

  • 300 Feet of Water Rapid Fun
  • 4 Person Tube – Great for Families
  • Rocky Caverns provide a dark level to the ride
  • Multiple Waterfalls
  • Height Requirement – None
  • Thrill Ride

Keelhaul Falls – Single Rider Tube Ride

  • Smooth White Water Ride
  • Single Rider Tube
  • Scenic Mountain ride
  • Not Very intense but fun for all riders
  • Height Requirement – None
  • Water Ride

Mayday Falls – Single Rider Tube Ride

  • Faster White Water Ride
  • Single Rider Tube
  • Ride through Caves and Under Bridges
  • More intense than the Keelhaul Falls
  • Height Requirement – None
  • Thrill Ride

Water Coaster

I think that most everyone would agree that the most amazing water ride in the park would be the Water Coaster. If you have never seen or been on a Water Coaster before, you are in for a real treat. Two of the coasters have tubes that allow 3 riders at a time and the other one only allows 2 riders. You will want to give all of them a try because it is such an odd sensation when you feel all of the water pressure beneath your raft propelling you uphill. That is not something you get used to immediately but it is such a great experience that you will want to ride again and again.

Crush ‘n’ Gusher – 3 Water Coasters at their finest

  • 400 Foot Tube Slide
  • 3 Separate Slides
    • Pineapple Plunger – Up to 3 Riders
    • Coconut Crusher – Up to 3 Riders
    • Banana Blaster – Up to 2 Riders
  • Powerful Water Jets propel you up hills
  • Plunge into Hideaway Bay
  • Height Requirement – 48 inches
  • Thrill Ride

Kids will love the Youth and Kiddie Water Slides

If you have brought your younger ones to the park and you are wondering what slides they might be interested in, you might want to head on over to the Lagoon at first. This area has 2 great Bay Water Slides that are designed just for the little ones in the group. If they are toddler-sized, you might want to take them to the Ketchakiddee Creek Kids play area where you will find an additional 2 mini water slides just for those under 4 feet tall.

Ketchakiddee Creek Slides

  • Small Slides for Small Kids
  • 2 Fun min slides
  • Height Requirement – Under 48 inches
  • Water Ride

Have the time of your life and enjoy the fun riding on all of the Water Slides at Typhoon Lagoon. The entire family will have a great time and will be looking forward to the next time they can return.

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