It’s like having a Water Park at your Resort

After searching for the right place to stay, your kids will love you when you tell them you are booking a Universal Orlando Resort that has a Water Slide and a Lazy River. They will be jumping for joy, and the excitement will ooze out of them while you have the satisfaction of knowing that you have made the most incredible vacation even better. Not only should the kids be excited about slipping down a water slide and floating along a lazy river, all at the same resort, but the adults will enjoy the action as well.

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I bet all of the Universal Resorts have a Water Slide and Lazy River

If you think a Lazy River and Water Slide are standard recreations at all of the Universal Resorts in Orlando, you would be mistaken. While there are plenty of Universal Orlando Resorts with a Water Slide, would you believe that there is only one that has both a Water Slide and a Lazy River? It is true. The only resort to have both is the Cabana Bay Beach Resort.

Cabana Bay Resort Orlando Fl

 6550 Adventure Way, Orlando, Fl 32819
| 3 Star Rating
Front entrance with shuttle from Cabana Bay Beach Resort 600
 You Should Know:
  • Family Suites
  • Heated Pools
  • Water Slide(s)
  • on the Beach
  • Lazy River
  • Water Slide & Lazy River
  • Universal Prime Value Resort
  • Universal Resort
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Water Slide & Lazy River

Water Slide at the Cabana Bay Beach Resort in Universal Orlando wide

The Cabana Bay Beach Resort is full of surprises when you realize that it is one of the Universal Orlando Prime Value Resorts. While the more expensive Preferred & Premier Resorts at Universal Orlando have some great features, none of them can match the Water Park fun that the Cabana Bay Resort offers.

Lazy River at the Cabana Bay Beach Resort in Universal Orlando wide

Information on the Cabana Bay Hotel:
  • Number of Water Slides: 1
  • Longest Water Slide: 100 Feet
  • Number of Lazy Rivers: 1
  • Length of Lazy River: 650 Feet

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Great Rooms at the Cabana Bay

Families love the Family Suites at the Cabana Bay Resort. These suites are so spacious with separate sections and a large sectional bath area making this one of the best and most affordable options at Universal Orlando

List of Universal Orlando Resorts with a Water Slide & a Lazy River

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