Amenities at the Westgate Leisure Resort

Check out the Resort Amenities like Transportation to and from the Theme Parks, Disney World, Universal Orlando and SeaWorld. The ATM access when you need more cash. Is parking free?

Property Amenities

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Westgate Leisure Resort Map shows you around Orlando with Directions from Tampa, Daytona Beach and Miami. A top down view of the area and how close Disney World, Universal Orlando and SeaWorld are to your location
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To make it easy to get around, schedule the Westgate Leisure Resort Shuttle service early to get complimentary transportation to all of the local main attractions including Disney World, Universal Orlando and even the SeaWorld parks
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Red and Blue Car parked in a parking lot

Complimentary Parking

Self Parking is free for guests staying at the Westgate Leisure Resort. There is no Valet Parking.

Guest getting money from ATM Machine


The ATM is located in the main check in building and is accessible from 7am til 11pm when the front desk closes

Front Entrance Check in at Westgate Leisure Resort 600

Check in

Check in is available from 7am until 11pm each day. If you will be arriving later than 11pm, be sure to arrange this with the front desk.

Westgate Leisure Resort

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