We Made a Splash at the Westgate Town Center Florida

The most in depth of all Westgate Town Center Resort Reviews: We had a blast while staying at the Westgate Kissimmee Resort Town Center. We didn’t want to leave. A huge thanks to the resort for sponsoring our stay! Their generosity allowed us to explore the resort fully. We’re sincerely grateful. Rest assured, our honest review remains unbiased.

Large 2-Level Water Park Hotel in Orlando Area Near Disney
9.3 Miles to Disney World, FL | 15.3 Miles to Universal Studios, FL

Westgate Town Center Kissimmee Fl Address: 7700 Westgate Blvd., Kissimmee, FL, 34747
Best Deals: Expedia Deals | Hotels.com Deals
Reviews: 7.4/10 – The majority favor this resort and wish they could’ve spent more time here.
4-Stars: Near Disney World | 2-Level Water Park | Studio & Multi-Bedroom Villas w/ Lake Views
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Westgate Town Center Kissimmee Fl Quick Overview:

Popular Amenities: WiFi | 14 Outdoor Pools & Water Park (Heated – 78 Degrees to 82 Degrees) | Large FREE Movie Theater | 4 Restaurants & Multiple Bars | Mini Golf | Full Kitchens | Washers & Dryers | Paddle Boats | Large Fitness Center | State of the Art Arcade | Day Long Excursions & Other Activities

Dog Friendly? Yes! $150 per Pet, per Stay (Totally worth it for 3+ day stays.) We stayed here with our dog, Jack. We loved that we were able to leave him in the room (he does not bark).

PROs: This resort is more affordable than Disney resorts in the luxury category (considering the fact that most Disney resort rooms are not condo-style with full kitchens and bedrooms like what Westgate offers). We here at Water Park Hotels Orlando couldn’t agree more (we personally tested it and loved it). To be honest, it’s like a mini-city with plenty to do without ever leaving the resort.

CONs: Some do not like that it’s a timeshare resort. However, we, personally, were not asked to take a timeshare tour. That being said, we kinda wish we had been asked. This is a really cool place and we would’ve loved to have had the opportunity to be taken around the resort in a golf cart to see everything we couldn’t fit into one visit.

Two Detailed Reviews:
Westgate Kissimmee Resort Town Center (in Kissimmee)
AND Westgate Lakes (in Orlando)

Are you ready for an adventure? We were so impressed by Westgate Orlando Hotels. Here at Waterpark Hotels Orlando, we had some firsthand experiences you’ll definitely want to read about! So, get ready for a deep dive into our unforgettable encounters at not just one, but two incredible water park resorts in the heart of the busiest tourist destination in the world – Orlando, Florida. From thrilling water slides to relaxing poolside lounging to an epic kiddie splash pads to activities galore to deluxe accommodations – and more, we’ll share all the juicy details of both of our stays.

In Depth Reviews of TWO Water Park Hotels in Orlando Near Disney:

Jump to Review #1: Westgate Kissimmee Resort Town Center Review – a water park hotel in Orlando area.

Jump to Review #2: Westgate Lakes Resort and Spa in Orlando Review – another water park hotel in Orlando near Disney World.

Our TOP 5 Favorite Highlights
Westgate Kissimmee Resort

Westgate Kissimmee Resort Town Center Table of Contents:

#1. The Water Park at Westgate Kissimmee Resort Town Center

dual water slides and lifeguard umbrella at westgate town center
Shipwreck Island Water Park: The Lower Level Dual Water Slides and Shallow Pool
Water Park at Westgate Town Center: Shipwreck Island Water Park is a 2-Level Water Park
Best Deals: Expedia Deals | Hotels.com Deals
Hours: 11 AM to 6 PM
Attractions: HUGE Water Playground with Multiple slides | 3 Adult Water Slides | Lazy River | LARGE Zero-Entry Pool up to 4-Feet
Dining: TONS of Food & Drink Options | Tropical Drinks | Draft Beers | Burgers | BBQ | Chicken | Hot Dogs | Fries | Onion Rings | Salads | The List Goes On
Reviews: 7.4/10 – The majority favor this resort and wish they could’ve spent more time here.

It goes without saying that one of the main attractions at Westgate Town Center, Kissimmee, FL is the thrilling two-level aquatic playground. Yes, you heard it right – TWO LEVELS! The pirate-themed, on-site water park is the jewel in the resort’s crown, offering endless fun and excitement for guests of all ages. The park features a variety of water slides, a lazy river, a large pool area, and an epic splash pad for the kiddos.

The all-villa Westgate Town Center Resort in Kissimmee, FL has a Shipwreck Island Water Park: An All-Around Perfect Spot to Cool Off on a Hot Florida Day (open daily from 11 AM to 6 PM (at the time of this post).


Water parks are a popular attraction for people of all ages, offering a fun and refreshing way to beat the heat. While many water park resorts in Florida offer similar features such as slides, wave pools, and lazy rivers, some stand out with their distinctive and memorable features. Westgate Town Center’s Shipwreck Island Water Park is one of them.

#1 – Shipwreck Island’s Pirate Theme Delivers Immersive Fun for Kids

the splash pad on the 2nd level at westgate town center's shipwreck island water park
Shipwreck Island Water Park: The Upper Level Pirate-Themed Splash Pad

Avast ye landlubbers! This water park is a treasure trove of aquatic adventures! Overall, we found that the pirate theme on the upper level of Shipwreck Island adds an extra layer of excitement and immersion to the water park experience. The second level, especially, offers a great way for kids to get into the spirit of the adventure by setting sail on Black Beard’s Pirate Ship as they twist their way through open and enclosed water slides – all while braving the constant threat of being drenched by gallons of water from the massive buckets overhead.

#2 – Drift Away on Shipwreck Island’s Serene Lazy River

Lifeguard on watch over the Lazy River at the Shipwreck Water Park Westgate Town Center.
Shipwreck Island Water Park: Upper Level Lazy River

Who wouldn’t love a lazy river (on a 2nd level deck)? The approximately 700-foot-long and 2’8″ deep lazy river is on the upper deck of Shipwreck Island Water Park and let’s just say that it’s the perfect place to relax and unwind. Oh man, we enjoyed this so much. As you float on the inner tube provided, the tranquil current carries you through a serene getaway from chaos of theme park crowds. However, the peaceful journey comes to an end as you encounter various splash zones that require careful maneuvering to avoid getting soaked (don’t worry, this strategy worked for us)!

#3 – Unveiling the Mysteries of Shipwreck Island Water Park: Secrets Revealed

A beautiful Mediterranean stairway at Westgate Town Center's water park.
Stunning Mediterranean Staircase with Cement Balusters Leading to the Water Park’s Upper Deck

Our beloved list of features at this water park would not be complete without diving into the mysteries of Shipwreck Island as we reveal some of the best-kept secrets. From hidden sun decks to a plunging high-speed water slide to the simple, yet stunning, baluster staircases (the most visually appealing we’ve ever seen at a water park resort in Orlando), we’ll uncover the park’s most enchanting features – right here, right now.

The Mysterious Upper Level Corner Sun Decks

viewing the secret sundeck through the concrete ballusters
See the Secret Sundeck?

As we debated whether to keep a secret sundeck to ourselves to avoid a frenzied rush of people racing to claim them on our next visit, we realized that wouldn’t be fair. So, we decided to spill the beans! Make sure to check out the secluded corner sun decks on the upper deck, which are perfect for large families. With some careful timing, you might even have the entire deck to yourself.

And Another Secret Sun Deck

On the upper level of the water park, look for the staircase that takes you across the bridge to access another secret, but more spacious sun deck.

A Hidden Mystery: Play Hide and Seek with the Pirate’s Plunge Drop Slide

the hidden pirate's plunge drop slide up on the 2nd level of shipwreck island's water park on the kid's splash pad
The Hidden Pirate’s Plunge Drop Slide (Upper Deck Entrance on the Kid’s Splash Pad)

If there were ever an approximate 20-foot high-speed, enclosed water slide (that may or may not be found), this one would be it. Don’t be fooled! To be honest, we couldn’t help but wonder how many visitors to the water park miss the Pirates Plunge attraction. The entrance is tucked away in Black Beard’s Pirate Ship on the upper deck – the exit is hidden in Jolly Roger’s Galley on the lower deck! See if you can find it!

#4. Splash Into Flavor: Our Dining Experience at the Water Park

Westgate Town Center’s water park dining offers a variety of options to satisfy hunger pangs and quench thirsts. We chose the tasty hamburger and french fry option from Jolly Roger’s Galley and coupled it with with a souvenir cup (cashing in on unlimited refills in the water park for only $1.25 per refill – at the time of this post).

Guests can choose from a variety of food, beverage, and even specialty drink options located at the following:

  • Jolly Roger’s Galley on the lower level.
  • Sea Dog’s Bar on the lower level.
  • Crow’s Nest Bar on the upper level.

#5 – And last but not least – the Lower Level (Paradise Cove).

Zero-entry pool at Westgate Town Center's water park in Kissimmee, Florida.
The Zero Entry Shallow Pool (Paradise Cove – On First Level)

Paradise Cove (3 Water Slides, Large Zero-Entry Shallow Pool)

You can’t miss Paradise Cove because it’s on the first level of Westgate Town Center’s water park. Its nearly 3-foot wading pool with a spacious zero-entry section is a grand attraction, ideal for families with little ones who can enjoy the pool safely. Plus, the addition of open-air water slides adds an element of fun to the experience. And – get your adrenaline pumping because it is on this level you’ll find the two (and very popular) dueling Canon Ball Falls water slides.

Prime Locations to Catch Some Shade

the shady underside of the thatched roof on the main level of the first level of the water park of westgate town center's shipwreck island water park
The Thatched Roof on the First Level of the Water Park Provides Lots of Shade


#1. The Crowds: The lower level tends to stay a bit more crowded during busier times of the day, but, surprisingly, we never encountered much of a wait for the slides (they were such a blast for us travel bloggers!). To snag a prime location with either a shaded umbrella, a cozy spot on the sun deck, or comfortable seat under the cool straw-thatched roof, arrive as soon as the staff allows entry (10am for owners and 11am for guests). We were always able to find a spot on the upper level – no matter what time it was.

#2. Water Park Fee: Typically, guests cannot gain access to the water park without paying a $25 admission at the time of this post (admission is free for children under 3). Unlike some reviews, we do absolutely feel like this is a justified fee. As travel bloggers who visit Orlando water park resorts often, it’s important to note that Westgate has one of the lowest water park fees across the board.

#3. Perks to Keep in Mind: If you are a Westgate timeshare owner (or considering becoming one) you get daily one-hour-early-access to the water park (along with free admission). We were not asked to take a timeshare tour, but we do know they have tours available for discounted accommodation rates (most likely if you book directly with Westgate). If you are interested in learning about a timeshare, it may be worth the discount.

#4. Discounts ARE AVAILABLE: Non-owners, book directly with Westgate to take advantage of flash sales and occasional free water park admission. QUICK TIP: Sign up for the World of Westgate Loyalty program (WOW) for free and get 25% off of the water park admission as well as a varied discount on accommodations. We signed up for the WOW membership ourselves because we are planning to return. Check the website often for free water park admission and flash sales.

#5. Our Wish List for Overall Water Park Comfort: Even though there were either ample umbrellas or shade provided for each 4-seater table and chairs, there was an absence of umbrellas for the lounge chairs. We would love to see this amenity added (not for every lounger but for at least some) since it would have provided shade and protection from the sun for those who prefer to relax in lounge chairs.

#2. Our Accommodations

There is no question that the Westgate Town Center Kissimmee, FL resort offers an impressive array of accommodations, including spacious villas ranging from cozy studios to sprawling four-bedroom units. All villas feature fully equipped kitchens and comfortable furnishings – not to mention jetted tubs, washer/dryer combos, sofa beds, and patios/balconies in some units.

At the time of this post, Westgate Town Center’s accommodation rates ranged anywhere from $97.33 nightly for a deluxe studio villa to $620 nightly for a 4-bedroom villa. Readers, we can tell you from experience that these prices are a great deal when compared to other hotels in Orlando offering much less in regard to multi-bedroom accommodations plus the countless amenities.

We discovered our dream villa at Westgate Town Center Kissimmee, FL. Wait for it….

Our building seen from Parrot Cove affinity pool and across Swan Lake.
Our Building, #5000 (6th Floor) – (this particular building and the Parrot Cove affinity pool sandwich Swan Lake)

Now onto the #1 negative aspect of our accommodations.

Our experience with the renovated one-bedroom grand villa (900+ square feet of space) left us feeling emotionally scarred – but only when we had to leave because we didn’t WANT to leave!


#1 – One of the Few Water Park Resorts in Orlando with Jetted Tubs

the jetted tub in renovated deluxe one bedroom grand villa at the westgate town center in Kissimmee, Florida
The Jetted Tub in a Renovated Deluxe One Bedroom Grand Villa | Westgate Town Center Kissimmee, FL

“Oh, sweet relief for our weary feet,” we exclaimed as we anxiously awaited for the jetted tub to fill each night. We can’t help but thank the foresight of the resort for including this heavenly amenity. Thank you, Westgate! Readers – we do not typically find jetted tubs inside water park resort accommodations in Orlando. However, Westgate is known for them. And they are CLEAN – unlike some of the Airbnbs we’ve stayed in.

#2 – The Sunrises From Living Room, Balcony, & Bedroom – Beyond Words

a beautiful sunrise from the balcony of the westgate town center's deluxe grand one bedroom villa
WHO’s Travel Journalist @ Sunrise


From the comfort of our balcony each morning, we witnessed the most beautiful sunrises overlooking Swan Lake. It was a breathtaking sight! Keep in mind that not all villas are sunrise villas. We stayed on the 6th floor in building #5000 – facing Swan Lake.

#3 – The General Aesthetics

We stayed in the recently renovated building #5000/6th floor in a VERY spacious “one-bedroom grand villa” with a private balcony overlooking Swan Lake. Both the villa and the building that housed our villa were very modern, clean, light, bright, stylish with rich creamy whites, browns. The splashes of gold and blue were a nice touch and delivered a very calming and serene atmosphere. However some villas may boast earthy browns, golds, deep reds, and oranges which evoke a sense of comfort and coziness (we very much enjoyed this style of decor-style at our one-bedroom deluxe villa at Westgate Lakes Resort and Spa in Orlando – read more about the Westgate Lakes Spa and Resort Orlando, Florida: An In-Depth Review).

#4 – The Pet Friendliness

A Moscovy duck right in the heart of Westgate Town Center Kissimmiee, FL
A Pet Paradise – Lots of Guests Traveling with Pets (including us!)

Westgate Town Center and Water Park Resort is known for their pet friendly rooms. For an additional fee ($150 at the time of this post) guests can enjoy having their furry friends come along (dogs only and certain restrictions apply). The villas are designed with pets in mind, boasting features like pet-friendly furniture and flooring that is easy to clean. We were able to take our furry friend Jack to explore the resort’s outdoor areas, without any worries. Pets are not allowed in the pool areas, however.

#5 – To Be Honest, We Loved Living in the Space

The villas at Westgate Town Center deliver an inviting atmosphere felt like a home away from home. The open-concept and overall modern design of the villa created a spacious and airy feel.

#6 – The Convenience of Dining in Our Villa with Leftovers & Having a Washer/Dryer!

First Tip: one of the great benefits of vacationing in a villa with a kitchen is the ability to store and reheat leftovers. When traveling, it can be difficult and expensive to eat out for every meal, and having a kitchen allows you to save money and time by preparing your own meals. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to use the kitchen for full blown cooking, but would’ve definitely made use of this amenity if we had stayed longer.

Second Tip: We have never encountered a resort that offered a more convenient way to ask for supplies that your room may be missing. For example, our building (#5000) had a room on the first floor designated for room supplies. Although, the resort provided us with ample starter kits (dish/laundry detergent, coffee/creamer packets, etc…), we ran out of coffee one morning. It was an easy process to make a quick trip to the first floor to ask the attendant extra coffee. They also had extra towels and other supplies. Needless to say, you will always have a way to get extra coffee without having to bring your own or go out and buy some.

Third Tip: Our one-bedroom grand villa had a washer/dryer combo. It is our understanding that all villas have this amenity (except for the Deluxe Studio Villas – in which case you can use their public laundry facilities). This was a life saver for us and our daily, sweaty clothes!


Customize Your Stay by Making Special Requests: We are unclear how many buildings and villas have been renovated, but we do know that the Westgate’s renovation process is a priority, according to the Westgate Town Center’s resort manager, Tina. At the moment, we are one of just a handful of websites featuring the inside of the villa and building assigned to us (Building #5000/6th Floor: You will not find what we stayed in on Westgate’s website). So, if you have a preferred building location and villa preference, you’ll want to book directly with Westgate to request a building location and villa preference.

Our Wish List for Overall Accommodation Comfort: Even though the bedroom was quiet and we slept extremely well, the adjoining door to the other villa (located in the living room) made it more noisy than other resorts we’ve stayed in. ON THE FLIP SIDE: The adjoining rooms make it possible to share the space with your loved ones (remember that Westgate is one of few affordable options in Orlando to offer 4-bedroom accommodations – all the way up to 16 guests)! For this reason, we would definitely come back with the entire fam.

#3. Our Resort Dining Experience

Here’s Where We Dined:

Westgate Town Center Kissimmee, Fl offers a variety of dining options to satisfy every taste and preference. From casual eateries to upscale restaurants, guests can indulge in a wide range of culinary delights during their stay.

Drafts Sports Bar & Grill: One of the resort’s most popular dining destinations is Drafts Sports Bar & Grill, which offers a laid-back atmosphere and a diverse menu of pub favorites, such as burgers, wings, and nachos. The restaurant also boasts an extensive selection of beers and cocktails, as well as multiple big-screen TVs to catch the latest sporting events.

Joe’s Marketplace: At Joe’s Marketplace, guests can order pizza delivery directly to their rooms or visit in person.

Ya Gotta Try the Italian Subs! The Italian subs at Joe’s Marketplace – we vote as the best Italian sub we’ve ever had! YUM.

Los Amigos Mexican Grill: Our favorite dining experience service-wise was Los Amigos Mexican Grill.

Villa Italiano: Our favorite Italian food (of all-time) was at the Villa Italiano – you can’t beat their handmade noodles, meatballs, and the best chicken Parmesan there ever was. Oh, did we mention the homemade bread and sauces?

The General Public Can Make Reservations: By the way, the public can make reservations at both the Villa Italiano and Los Amigos restaurants. We highly recommend it if you live in the local area.

#4. Unraveling Surprising Facts, Top Activities, & Overall Charm

The ambiance and overall charm at Westgate Town Center in Kissimmee, Florida is relaxed and tranquil, dotted with palm trees, ducks, swans, and a Mediterranean-style architecture. The overall atmosphere is family-friendly and welcoming, with plenty of opportunities for relaxation and recreation.

Here’s what we loved the most about the overall grounds (in no particular order):

#1. The Ambiance

A Moscovy duck right in the heart of Westgate Town Center Kissimmiee, FL
A Duck Lover’s Paradise – Lots of Moscovy Ducks

Westgate Town Center in Kissimmee, FL is home is known for it’s Swan Lake centered perfectly on the property. The lake is inhabited by several Moscovy ducks, which are a sight to behold. Moscovy ducks are a unique breed with striking black and white feathers and red, warty faces. They are not migratory birds, and can often be found near bodies of water like ponds, lakes, and streams. The ducks, as well as swans, are often seen swimming in the lake, waddling along the banks, or perched on the grass around the water’s edge.

#2. The Enormous Grounds

Westgate Vacation Villas and Town Center Resort
A Bird’s-Eye-View of the Expansive Westgate Town Center & Westgate Vacation Villas Resort

One of the most striking features of this property – other than the beauty of the grounds themselves, is that they are enormous grounds (almost like a small city!). You’ll read about it in the reviews of others. Well, we have experienced it first-hand, and we totally agree! Don’t worry, though. There are shuttles running every 15-20 minutes across many shuttle stops across the property.

#3. The Night Composition

The night ambiance at Westgate Town Center Kissimmee, FL outside of Los Amigos Restaurant
The Night Ambiance at Westgate Town Center – The Main Hub of it All

The resort’s vibrant colors and dazzling lights create an enchanting atmosphere that sets the mood for a magical vacation experience. Guests can also take a leisurely stroll around Swan Lake, which is lit up with a soft, romantic glow – a genuinly picturesque and charming setting.

#4. The Activities

Swan boat activity on Swan Lake at Westgate Town Center Kissimmee, Florida
Swan Boat Activity

Westgate Town Center is a resort that offers a multitude of activities to enjoy beyond just their water park. We tried checking out as many activities as we could during our short stay but, quite frankly, we couldn’t believe the amount of activities, such as Jurassic mini-golf, tennis/basketball courts, a fitness center, and an indoor movie theater – to name a few. We had time for a swan boat ride, the movie theater, and bike rentals.

If we had stayed longer, we would’ve loved to have taken one of their all day excursions. In our history of reviewing hotels, we have not ever run into water park resorts in Orlando offering excursions of any kind.

Check out these impressive excursions:

  • Gatorland Excursion
  • River Ranch Excursion (We would love to come back and do this one!)
  • Pirate’s Dinner Excursion

#5. The Pools

Parrot Cove affinity pool overlooking Swan Lake.
The Westgate Town Center’s Affinity Pool Looking Over Swan Lake (Parrot Cove – Pool #14 – Our Fave)

Our Top Pool Pick (out of the 14 pools on grounds):

TOP PICK, Parrot Cove Pool (Pool #14): Here at Water Park Hotels Orlando, we choose the one and only Parrot Cove Pool as our favorite all-around pool with poolside menu – for two reasons: #1 – It’s much less crowded and #2 – the pool itself boasts an affinity pool overlooking the beautiful Swan Lake (a great place to catch the sun rise).

WESTGATE’S TOP PICK, Banana Cabana Pool: There are a few pools that offer bar areas to grab drinks and smoothies (this is one of them). Westgate calls the Banana Cabana Pool their most popular poolside bar.

While the water park at Westgate Town Center is undoubtedly a fun attraction, there are plenty of other enjoyable pool features to explore at the resort. So, if splashing around in the water park is not your cup of tea, you will love the pools (14 heated pools and hot tubs to be exact).

All Journey’s Must Come to an End

As the ‘ole saying goes, all good things must come to an end. And the same holds true for a visit to Westgate Town Center in Kissimmee, Florida. While it may be hard to say goodbye to the resort’s enchanting atmosphere, endless amenities, and warm hospitality, departing guests can rest assured that they have made lasting memories that they will cherish for years to come.

We recommend reading our other Westgate review: Westgate Lakes Spa and Resort Orlando, Florida: An In-Depth Review. Each of our reviews provide unique insights of our personal experiences that can help you decide which Orlando water park resort is the right fit you and your family.

The Many Names of This Resort’s Identity

In the vast landscape of the Internet, hotels often wear multiple names as a response to the countless searches that travelers conduct.

Here are the hotel names associated with this resort:

  • Westgate Town Center Kissimmee Fl
  • Westgate Kissimmee Resort
  • Westgate Town Center Resort
  • Westgate Town Center Condo & Apartment Rentals
  • Westgate Town
  • Westgate Town Center
  • Westgate Town Center Resort Kissimmee
  • Town Center Westgate
Westgate Town Center Resort

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