What is Disney Capture Your Moment?

You might have heard of the Disney PhotoPass and the Disney Memory Maker but what is Disney Capture your Moment? What a great way to have memories captured on your next Disney World Vacation. If you are not familiar with these Disney options, take a look at these articles:

Private Photo Shoot

If you book the Disney Capture your Moment package, you are essentially signing up for a private photoshoot. At the time we added this article, Capture you Moment can be booked at the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. If this continues to go well, it would not surprise me if they add in Epcot and Hollywood Studios at some point. Something to consider when booking this package is, it uses the same photographers that are part of the PhotoPass system. This means that the photos are really good but are not at the professional level. Many guests still think it is well worth it.

How much does the Capture your Moment option cost?

When you book your photo session, you are reserving a 20-minute shoot. If you feel that you need more time, or you would like to have a photoshoot in both parks, you can add the option for another 20 minutes. This is not a free option like the Disney PhotoPass though. At the time of adding this post, the cost is $79 per 20-min session. All in all, for a private photo shoot, that is not bad at all. Some guests will use this time to have Graduation, Anniversary, Birthday photos, and others done in this unique setting.

Some Memories you might want to capture:

  • Anniversary
  • Birthday
  • Engagement
  • Family Reunion
  • Family Portrait
  • Honeymoon
  • Graduation
  • … and more!

How do I download my photos

If you have one of the Disney Memory Maker options, you will be able to also download your Capture your Moment photos. You also have the option of paying for the ones you want or paying for a package if you did not get the Memory Maker. Consider getting the Memory Maker option if you plan to have a lot of photos taken with the PhotoPass and Capture your Moments option.

Important Details to know about the Capture your Moment

  • Only available during regular Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom Park hours
  • Limited number so be sure to book a session early (407) 939-7758
  • Must have a Park Admission
  • If you want a longer session, you can add another 20 minute session
  • The Photos taken by Capture your Moment are not included but you can download them for an additional fee or if you have the Memory Maker
  • Max Party size is 8 Guests
  • Any prices shown were correct at the time of adding this post but can change at any time

Where do you Check-in?

At the Magic Kingdom be sure you arrive at least 10-minutes prior to your session. You will meet up in the Town Square Theater on Main Street USA.

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