Take a look at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort Pool Photos which offers 6 Pools on the Resort with one, the Old Port Royale Pool, having many features that you would find at a waterpark. This pool offers Zero Entry for the younger ones to enjoy getting in and out of the pool area with ease. There are also multiple water cannons shooting into the pool area and 2 Water Slides. One of the slides is 82 feet long and will be fun for everyone in the family. Enjoy the large wading pool and a play area designed just for the smaller ones in the group. There is even a large Water Bucket to drop water on a timer along with 3 kid sized slides. This is not the only place to go and get wet on the resort though the kids will think so. If you are interested in a more quiet and relaxing pool area, there are 5 more pools for each of the different villages in the resort.

Swimming Pool Disney Caribbean Beach Resort Orlando

  • Number of Pools
  • 6 Pools at the Caribbean Beach Resort

    1. Old Port Royale Pool
    2. 2 Water Slides – 1 that is 82 feet long

      Water Cannons

      Large Wading Pool


      Squirt Hoses

      Large Water Bucket that drops water on a timer

      3 Kid Sized Slides

    1. 5 Additional Regular Pools – 1 at each Village
    2. Depth from 3ft to 6ft

  • Number of Slides
  • 2 Main Large Water Slides

    3 Kiddie Slides

  • Number of Hot Tubs
  • 1

  • Disney Caribbean Beach Resort Pool Hours
  • The Pool is open from 24 Hours Daily in the Summer

    The Pool is open from 7 AM to 11 PM Daily Off Season

Disney Caribbean Beach Resort Swimming Pool Information

There are 6 different Themed Villages at the Disney Caribbean Resort and each of them have their own pool areas. The standard pools are nice large pools that have depths of 3 ft to 6 ft and have stairs leading into the pools. For the most fun you will want to go the Old Port Royale Pool. They have 2 different slides to enjoy and one of them is and 82 foot long slide that everyone in the family will enjoy. You will see water cannons sticking out of buildings that provide additional water fun to your trip. There is also Zero-Entry that leads into the pool that makes it a safe environment for the smaller ones to enjoy. The younger group will have fun at the Aqua Play Area with Squirt hoses, a large bucket that will drop its entire watery content on everyone below on a timed schedule and 3 smaller slides for the kids. The adults will thoroughly enjoy the 12 person Jacuzzi Spa while the kids frolic and play in this large water play area. Towels are provided at each of the pool areas for guests