When you stay at Disney Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter, you will feel like you have been sent back in time to the old historic French Quarter that is so well known in New Orleans. Enjoy everything that there is to offer from wonderful Jazz Music playing throughout the Resort to Cajun Food and colorful parades. Cobblestone walkways to take you to the different areas around this stunning Resort and the bright colors are exciting to your eyes as you wander through the various sections of the property.

Port Orleans French Quarter Resort and Accommodations

You can’t go wrong on vacation when you stay at any of the Disney resorts in the Orlando area. The beautiful theme of the French Quarter surrounds you everywhere you look when you stay on this one of a kind resort. Since this is a Disney Property, you can be sure that they have paid attention to every last detail to make sure that everywhere you look and everything you do feels like you are in paradise. There are 1,008 French Quarter Themed rooms to choose from and a cobblestone path that connects most of the areas around the property. When booking, think about the view you are interested in. There are plenty to choose from, whether you want to overlook the River or maybe the impressive gardens.

Disney Port Orleans - French Quarter Reviews


As with all Disney World Resorts, guest love the transportation system. Having a transport from the Airport to the Resort and then to all of the Theme Parks, it is pretty much all you need for your vacation. The property itself is immaculate and very beautiful. You really do feel as if you are walking around areas of historic New Orleans. We enjoyed our stay by the River. Disney does a great job of training their staff to be friendly.

* Estimate of Rating Levels

Above Average - 85%
Average - 10%
Below Average - 5%

Standard rooms are nothing special but the outside of the buildings are amazing. The biggest negative, which there are not many, would have to be the rooms need some updating.

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Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter with Water Slide

A beautiful pool area awaits and the kids will have a great time sliding down the water slide that is shaped like a tongue and comes out of a colorful serpents mouth. Take a bike ride or a stroll through the property to see all of the beauty and wonder that you will only find on a Disney Themed Resort. The kids will have a great time at the large pool complex in the middle of the resort. The Doubloon Lagoon is a Mardi Gras themed water play area that has a huge blue serpent with a water slide coming out of its mouth in the shape of a long tongue. The kids will be amazed by all of the fun things to do in the water play area. Since the Guests at the French Quarter also have access to the amenities at the Riverside Resort as well, there is another huge pool area to visit with rope swings and another slide.

Other fun things to do

Take a day and rent bikes to ride around the property to see all of the wonderful things to do. There is something for everyone who visits the Disney Port Orleans Resort French Quarter. There are multiple pool areas that are themed to fit the surroundings of the Disney Port Orleans French Quarter Theme. There are so many things for the kids to enjoy from playing in the game room to splashing in the pool areas.

Disney Shuttle Service

Staying at any Disney property gives you a number of perks that other guests don’t have access to. Complimentary shuttle service to all of the Disney Theme Parks is a wonderful benefit. Just park your car when you get to the resort and let the shuttle take you to the places that you would like to go.

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