Take a look at New Orleans Style Disney Port Orleans Riverside Pool Photos and see how wonderful this place is to bring your entire family on vacation. There are a total of 6 swimming pools at the Riverside resort. At each of the living spaces you will find a nice quiet pool that is secluded from all that is going on at the resort. If you are looking for family water fun, you will want to venture off to the Ol’ Man Island Pool where the adventure begins. The entire family will enjoy this 3.5 acre old fashioned swimming hole designed by Disney to keep you cool and give you hours of entertainment for the kids. With its inviting Water Slide and multiple Waterfalls it is truly a wonderful place to spend some time on your vacation. If you have younger ones in the group, there is a Kiddie Pool with 1 foot shallow water for them to splash and enjoy giving you the peace of mind that they are safe. You also get a bonus for staying at this resort. You might be staying at the Riverside Resort but you also have access to the Pool at the adjoining French Quarter Resort. Enjoy the beauty and colorful Doubloon Lagoon water play area that has a large swimming pool and a colorful sea serpent built to span the entire pool area. Not only does this add to the charm and design of the pool, it is a 51 foot Water Slide for the kids to Slip and Slide on all day long. This entire area was designed to show off the bright, vibrant colors that you would see when attending Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

Swimming Pool Disney Port Orleans Riverside Resort Orlando

  • Number of Pools
  • 1 Main Pools at the Disney Riverside and 1 Main Pool at the French Quarter

    1. Disney Riverside Pool Area
    2. 3.5 Acre Ol’ Mans Island Swimming Pool


      Water Slide

      Shallow Child’s Pool Area

    3. Disney French Quarter Swimming Pool
    4. 51 foot long Water Slide

      Mardi Gras Themed Pool area

      Squirting Statues

      Shallow Kiddie Pool Area Nearby

  • Number of Slides
    1. 1 Water Slide at the Ol Watering Hole – Riverside Resort

      1 51 foot Serpent themed colorful slide – French Quarter Resort

  • Number of Hot Tubs
    1. 2 – one Hot Tub is available by the pool at each resort

  • Disney Port Orleans Pool Hours
    1. The Pools are open from 7 AM to Midnight Daily

      There are Lifeguards on duty – these hours will change depending on the time of year – Please check with the Front Desk to find out exact times they are scheduled for duty

  • Watersports conveniently located at the Riverside Levee Marina
    1. Motor Boats

      Pedal Boats


      Sea Raycers


      Pontoon Boats

Disney Riverside Swimming Pool Information

When you visit the Disney Port Orleans Riverside Resort you get a little more than you were expecting because you not only have access to the 5 Quiet Pools and the adventurous Ol Man Island Pool, you also have access to the Doubloon Lagoon Pool at the neighboring French Quarter Resort. In Riverside, enjoy the large Watering Hole with access to a long Water Slide and waterfalls that the kids will have hours of enjoyment playing on. Although this pool area is fun for everyone in the group, the Swimming Pool at the French Quarter Resort was designed for a younger crowd with a large swimming pool and a 51 foot long Water Slide in the shape of a long colorful serpent. The toddlers in the group will want to hang out in the 1 foot wading area where they can splash and have all the fun they want. There are also 2 hot tubs for the adults to enjoy nearby to each of the 2 main swimming pools on the resort. The marina nearby gives you access to all of the water sports your family will desire. Enjoy going out on the water with a canoe, kayak or enjoy something a little faster when you rent a motor boats and sea raycer. Make sure you take some time out from the Theme Parks to fit in some of the magic and wonder that has been built into this resort.