Located in the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando Florida, Disney Typhoon Lagoon will take you back in time to the Surfer Beach days on the Florida coast when surfing was at its prime and everyone joined around at various beach locations to have a summer fun bash. If you are looking for one of the most unique and lush Water Park environments in the Country, this is the one you want to visit. If you are living in the Florida area, you can take advantage of continued access by getting a year round pass and also get a discount just for living in the Sunshine State. If you are just visiting for a wonderful Family Vacation and you are interested in going to one of the main Water Parks in Orlando then Typhoon Lagoon one you will definitely want to check out.

The entrance to the park takes you back in time with ticket booths that look like beach huts with thatch roofs and some that even look like the wheelhouse of am old tugboat with the old curved smoke stacks towering above. Disney has created a tropical paradise to enjoy with paths leading through the park covered with magnificent trees and foliage that shade and bring beauty through the entire location. Keeping with true Disney fashion, everything is very colorful and laid out in a way that is very appealing to adults and kids alike.

In the distance, you can hear the crashing of the waves from the tremendous Wave Pool at Disney Typhoon Lagoon that acts as the central hub to Typhoon Lagoon. This Wave Pool creates continuous fun for all of those who enter but is also designed in a way that is very different from any other pools of this nature. Most Wave Pools have concrete walls that create the lining of the lining and also the tank that creates the instant dumping of gallons of water that create the wave in the pool. Although the mechanism to create the wave works the same, the appearance is very different. It is designed to make you feel as if you are in a Tropical Lagoon with rock walls and waterfalls flowing down the banks. This alone makes for an experience that you do not get at any of the other water parks.

If you are looking for some additional excitement during your trip, you will want to find your way around to the different Water Slides at Typhoon Lagoon. There are a total of 16 major slides to fit all of the different ages, heights and extreme thrill levels of each rider. Whether you are interested in the most thrilling speed slide that drops over 5 stories and hits speeds of about 30 mph or you just like to slip and slide more gently to the bottom in a tube, you will find just what you are looking for at this wonderful Disney Water Park. Don’t forget to take a ride on the one of the exhilarating water coasters at the Crush ‘n’ Gusher area of the park.

Have you ever wanted to go snorkeling but you were a little nervous to get out in the big ocean and try it for the first time? If this is true, you are at the perfect place and you probably didn’t even know it. Enter a place where you can swim in a more controlled environment at Shark Reef. When you first enter the area, you will not be able to miss the large capsized vessel sitting in the middle of the attraction. For those who do not want to get in the water with the fish, Stingrays and Sharks, you can safely look on through portholes below. If snorkeling is what you are looking for, put on your snorkel gear and jump right in. What a great opportunity to enjoy the fish around you without the worry of any danger you might find in the ocean.

How many times have you been to the beach and have seen people out in the water, riding their surfboard and having a blast in the waves thinking, “I sure would like to try that but I wouldn’t even know where to start”. If this is you, head on over the the Surf Lessons section of the park. There are additional fees for going to “Surf School” but it will be well worth it. You will have an experience that you do not find many other places where you will have the bay to yourself, along with maybe a few others who want the same experience and you will have a professional instructor walk you through the steps of getting up for the first time on a surfboard. Sounds fun right?

I don’t think you could have a water park without having a Lazy River and that is precisely what you will get when you enter Castaway Creek Lazy River. You have probably been on the slow rivers before but this one might be a little different from what you are used to. This Lazy River is about 2,000 feet long, that is over 0.3 miles in length. Grab a tube and jump in with some friends and family to enjoy the park at a slower pace. No matter what your speed, most everyone enjoys the simple floating and tranquility that only a Lazy River can provide.

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Address

1145 Buena Vista Drive
Orlando, FL 32830
US and Canada: 407-939-5277

You Should Know

  • Park Size:
  • About 60 Acres

  • Location:
  • Just off of Interstate 4, Across from Downtown Disney on Buena Vista Drive. Please see our Typhoon Lagoon Map page for additional information.

  • 12 Large Water Slides and 4 Kiddie Slides Throughout the Water Park
    1. 3 Speed Slides

      2 Single Rider Inner Tube Slides

      3 Soft Foam Slides

      1 Large Water Slide with 4 Person Tube

      3 Water Coaster Slides

      2 Smaller but Fun Bay Slides that dump into the Wave Pool Lagoon

      2 Kiddie Size Slides at the Ketchakiddee Creek Kiddie Park

    For complete information check out our Water Slides at Typhoon Lagoon page.

  • Wave Pool
    1. 2,750 Thousand Gallons in Size (2.75 Million)

      2 Types of Waves: Bobbing Waves and large 6 Foot Waves every 90 seconds after the horn blows.

      Beautiful Surroundings with Timber and Rock Retaining Walls

    For complete information check out our Wave Pool at Typhoon Lagoon page.

  • Lazy River
    1. 2,100 Feet in Length

      Circles the Entire Park

      About 25 Minute Round Trip

    For complete information check out our Lazy River at Typhoon Lagoon page.

  • Surf Lessons
    1. Additional Fees Apply

      Surfs Up before the Park opens to the Public

      Professional Instructor

      Small Groups of 10 to 20 people

    For complete information check out our Surf Lessons at Typhoon Lagoon page.

  • Shark Reef Snorkeling Adventure
    1. Swim with Stingrays, Tropical Fish and Small Sharks

      A once in a lifetime adventure

    For complete information check out our Snorkeling at Typhoon Lagoon page.

  • Ketchakiddee Creek – Kids Play Area
    1. Designed for the Younger Crowd

      Water Fountains, Interactive tugboat, mini-rapids and smaller Water Slides

    For complete information check out our Kiddie Play Area Typhoon Lagoon page.

  • Disney Typhoon Lagoon Park Hours
  • Opens at 9:00am and closes at 6:00pm (Times Change Throughout the Season so be sure to check with the Park)

  • Typhoon Lagoon Park Rules
    1. Children Under 10 Must be Accompanied By an Adult

      No Food or Drink in the Pool or on the Pool Decks

      Glass Containers and Alcoholic Beverages are not Permitted

      Height Requirements May Apply at Certain Attractions

      Clothing with Rivets, Buckles, or Exposed metal is not Permitted on Attractions

      For Safety, Diaper Age Children must Wear Swim Diapers

      Shower Before Entering Pools

      Do not Swallow Pool Water

      Smoking is not Permitted Except at Designated Locations (Shown on Guide Map)

  • Places to eat at Typhoon Lagoon
  • There are a number of locations to eat at this amazing Water Park. There are no locations that have full service where a wait person takes your order but there are plenty of Casual Quick Service locations as well as many Snack Bars throughout the park.

      Leaning Palms – Quick Service Restaurant

        Offering a Quick Bite with American Beach style flare. Enjoy Burgers, Nuggets, Pizza, Sandwiches and much more while picking up your favorite beer.

      Lowtide Lou’s – Quick Service Restaurant

        Get your fill of American food with Caesar Salads, Chicken Wraps, Sandwiches, Burgers and also pickup something sweet from within like a root beer float or your favorite type of Ice Cream.

      Typhoon Tilly’s – Quick Service Restaurant

        Grab Lunch at Tilly’s with items like Barbeque Pork sandwich, Chili Dogs or a Fish Basket. There are various drinks as well as Draft Beer at this location in the park.

      Happy Landing Ice Cream

        It is what it sounds like. If you are hankering for some great ice cream, Happy Landings is where you want to go. Serving the famous Garbage Pail Sundae that will take a whole family to devour down to regular cones and other frozen treats. Satisfy your need for sweets at this great parlor.

      Let’s Go Slurpin’

        For the Adults, if you are looking for the best in frozen drink delight or just want a nice refresher on the rocks, head on over to the Let’s Go Slurpin Shop for something tasty.

      Snack Shack

        Get a great Tuna or Turkey Sandwich at the Snack Shack. You can also enjoy a cup of healthy fruit to give you some additional energy throughout the day to ride the waves.

  • Picnic Areas
  • There are a couple of picnic areas designated inside the park. Coolers are allowed but you can not bring glass items or Alcohol into the park area.

      Getaway Glen is located closer to the front of the park behind “Happy Landings”

      Hideaway Bay is located on the right hand side of the park near the Crush ‘n’ Gusher

  • Near
  • 0.6 Miles from Downtown Disney

    6.7 Miles from SeaWorld

    6.2 Miles from Magic Kingdom Theme Park

    View additional locations on our Map Page

  • Typhoon Lagoon Parking Fees
    1. Park your Vehicle in the Parking Lot off of Buena Vista Drive

      Parking is Free at the Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

  • Typhoon Lagoon Transporation
  • Disney Transportation available at most of the Hotels and Resorts in the Walt Disney World Resort locations

  • Locker Facilities
    1. Dressing Rooms


      Locker Rental

      Towel Rental

      Life Jacket Rental

  • Typhoon Lagoon Cabanas
  • A Few Premium Cabanas are available but you will probably want to call the park and reserve them in advance. Reservations can be made by calling 407-WDW-PLAY. What you get with your Cabana”

      Roped Off Area accessible by Wristband

      6 Person Maximum

      Towels Provided for each person in the Group

      Complimentary Water Park Refillable Mug for each Guest

      Ice Chest with Bottled Water

      Private Locker

      Attendant to get food and refill drinks (You are responsible for paying for any food that you order – this is not included with the Cabana Rental)

    Premium Beach Chair Deal is available at the “High and Dry Towel Hut”

      2 Lounge Chairs

      2 Beach Chairs

      Small Table



      Private Location

  • Typoon Lagoon Pets
  • Service Pets are allowed at this location

    Pets are NOT allowed at this location

  • Plan Ahead
  • If you will not be renting one of the Beach Chair or Cabana options, you might want to get to the park a little bit early. This will give you a better chance of getting your lounge chairs in a good location before they are all gone. Bring plenty of Sunscreen to protect your skin throughout the day. Being around water intensifies the rays and you will want to make sure you are well protected from any harmful rays as you play with your family around the park.

  • Smoking
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the Typhoon lagoon park except in designated areas.

All Pricing is subject to change.

Please note the information and fees provided can change without notice, however, was accurate when published. To confirm all details you will need to check directly with the Water Park before completing your vacation planning.