Jamba House Uzima Pool and Kidani Village Sumawati Springs

The Animal Kingdom Resort is split into two (2) distinct and unique sections, Jamba House and Kidani Village. At each area, there are wonderful and very different pools. Jambo House is the main entrance to the Animal Kingdom Lodge and has the Uzima Pool which is the largest pool at the Resort. The Sumawati Springs pool is a little smaller and is located in the Kidani Village and although it is smaller it has some wonderful family features. A kids splash park is one of those great areas that you will find at the Sumawati Springs pool. Both pools have a water slide. Take a look at the additional information on each section and all of the wonderful pictures.

Water Park Information at the Animal Kingdom Lodge:

  • Pool Hours: Daily 8am – 11pm – (Times change throughout the year)
  • Outdoor Pool: Uzima & Sumawati Pool
  • Indoor Pool: no Indoor Heated Pool at the Animal Kingdom Resort
  • Large Water Slides: There are 2 Water Slides at the Disney Animal Kingdom Resort. At the Uzima Pool, the water slide is 67-feet long and at the Sumawati Pool the water slide is much longer at 128-feet.
  • Kids Water Slides:There are not any water slides at the kids water splash park, the Uwanja Camp, but there are a couple of small regular slides.
  • Lazy River: There is not a Lazy River at the Animal Kingdom Resort in Orlando
  • Kids Splash Park: The Uwanja Camp is located beside the Samawati Pool in the Kidani Village. Full of fun sprinklers, water sprayers, fountains and even a water fall, this kids area keeps the smaller ones busy for hours.
  • Zero-entry: Zero-entry is available at the Samawati and Kidani pools as well as the Kids Splash Park
  • Hot Tub: Two (2) Hot Tubs are located at the Uzima Pool on the Jambo House side of the Animal Kingdom Resort and Two (2) additional Hot Tubs can be found at the Sumawati Pool.
  • Towels: Towels are provided at the both pools
  • Cabanas: Cabanas are not available at either Pool
  • Notice: Pool hours can change without notice. Always check the daily schedule at the Disney Grand Floridian for the updated hours to the pools and any events.
  • Who: The Pools are for all Guests at the Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge
  • Lifeguards: Lifeguards are on duty at the Jambo House and Kidani pools and water slides

Animal Kingdom Resort Pools

Uzima Pool - Jambo House

It is essential that you stay cool when visiting Orlando and what better way than to splash-down in one of the two pools at the Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge. The Uzima Pool is located at the Jambo House which is the main guest area at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. The Uzima pool is the largest pool at the Disney Animal Kingdom Resort and has a 67-foot water slide for some additional fun. There is plenty of seating and the Uzima Springs Pool Bar can serve you throughout your day so you do not have to leave once you get settled in.

  • Zero-Entry
  • Pool Bar & Grill
  • 67-foot Water Slide
  • Hot Tubs

Uzima Pool - Jambo House Water Slide

The water slide makes adds hours of fun and play time for all ages at the Uzima Pool on the Jambo House side of the Animal Kingdom Lodge. This 67-foot water slide adds turns before dropping you into the main drop zone at the Uzima Pool. This is the only water slide at that Uzima Pool.

  • 67-foot Water Slide
  • Hours of fun
  • Multiple turns

Uzima Pool - Jambo House Zero-Entry

Zero-entry access at the Uzima Pool Jambo House at Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge 960

An entire entrance section to the Uzima Pool, opposite the side where the water slide is, is dedicated to easy access for the little ones with a zero-entry point. Making the pool safe for all can help put your mind at ease and the many lounge chairs at this area help you to keep your close eye on the little ones.

Uzima Springs Pool Bar

Seating at the Uzima Pool Bar at the Uzima Pool Jambo House at Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge 600

Stay by the pool all day with salads and other snacks as well as your favorite beverage at the Uzima Springs Pool Bar

Samawati Springs Pool - Kidani Village

While the Uzima Pool is quite a bit larger than the Samawati Pool, this pool located on the Kidani Village side of the resort offers some amazing features that the Uzima Pool at the Animal Kingdom Lodge does not have. Both pools have a water slide but the water slide at the Samawati Pool is a full 128-feet in length. On top of the water slide being almost twice the length, there is also a Kids Splash area, Uwanja Camp. This water play area has great paces to keep the kids cooled off and playing with other kids their own size.

  • Zero-Entry
  • Pool Bar & Grill
  • 128-foot Water Slide
  • Hot Tubs
  • Kids splash park

Uwanja Camp - Sumawati Springs - Splash Park

The kids will certainly have a great time at the Uwanja Camp that was created to match a number of different age groups. The Uwanja Camp was specifically designed for age groups including 4 years and younger, kids ages 5 to 7 and another group for kids 8 and above. This kids water play area is full of activities ranging from water geysers and a shallow pool, to dumping water buckets and water cannon.

  • Dumping buckets
  • Shallow Pool
  • Sprinkling Flowers
  • Waterfall

Water Slides - Sumawati Springs

Two (2) Water slides await offering tons of wonder and fun. Take the stairs to the 128-foot water slide and enter the corkscrew dropping you off in the belly of the Sumawati Pool. The 2nd water slide is small and has a gentle slope for smaller kids.

  • 128-foot Corkscrew water slide
  • Smaller slide for the little ones

Hot Tubs for the Adults

Hot Tub at the Sumawati Springs Pool Kidani Village at the Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge 960

Nearby each of the pools, the adults can find their own relaxing oasis in one of the Hot Tubs.

Bar and Grill at the Sumawati Pool

Pool Bar Menu at the Sumawati Pool

Grab lunch or a snack by the pool along with the drink of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions: Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge Pool

Are the pools heated at the Animal Kingdom Resort?

Yes, both the Uzima and Sumawati Springs pools are heated year-round

Are life vests available?

Yes, life vests are provided free of charge at both pools

Is there a water slide at the Animal Kingdom Lodge?

You will find two big water slides at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. The Uzima Pool has a 67-foot water slide and the Sumawati Springs Pool has a 128-foot water slide. There is also a smaller water slide at the Sumawati Springs pool perfect for the smaller kids.

Is there a kids pool?

Yes, there is a shallow children's pool at the Uzima Pool and a full kids splash park at the Sumawati Springs Pool

Are towels provided at the pools?

Yes, towels are provided at both pools.

Are there events at the pool for the kids?

Yes, kids will have a blast as the Disney Cast members set up for fun each day around the pools.

Does the Animal Kingdom Lodge have a Lazy River?

No, unfortunately, there is not a lazy river at the Animal Kingdom Resort.

Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge

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