Your kids are going to love the Disney Blizzard Beach Kids Area. Tike’s Peak offers the little ones a place to let loose and feels uninhibited as they play in all of the fun things to do around them. Kids that are a little bit older but not adults yet will be thrilled to visit the Ski Patrol Training Camp.

Blizzard Beach has done a great job to accommodate kids in each age range to the park. As your kids get accustomed to riding these smaller water slides when they are little, they will feel more comfortable with the larger ones as they grow. In order to enjoy this part of the park, the kids must be 48 inches or shorter in height. Kids and adults of all ages will also enjoy splashing around in the Blizzard Beach Lazy River and the Wave Pool at Blizzard Beach.

Fun for Toddlers at Tike’s Peak

There is no end to the fun your little ones will have at Tike’s Peak. First, notice the neat water play area that has an amazing snow castle in the middle that also acts as a refreshing fountain to spray water on anyone who walks by. Small slides are built into the small water playground, just perfect for the smallest ones to enjoy. The more adventurous kids will enjoy sliding down one of the miniaturized water slides in other areas of Tike’s Peak. The racer slide has 3 lanes for kids to race each other to the end. A tube slide where a single rider can zip along with a winding slide to the pool at the end or a body slide. And, there is also a Wading Pool to enjoy soaking in and keeping cool.

  • Must be 48″ or less to play
  • Parents must stay and Supervise – this is not a place to drop the kids off and have child care.
  • 5 Fun Smaller Water Slides
    • 1 Twisting Tube Water Slide for Single Riders
    • 1 Winding Body Slide
    • 1 Racing Slide with 3 available tracks
    • 2 Small Kiddie Slides in the Water Playground Area
  • Water Playground Area with Spraying water and Water Cannons
  • Snow Castle with Fountain
  • Plenty of Beach Chairs for Lounging while the Kids play
  • Wading Pool
  • Sandy Play area for kids to build a Castle
  • Shady areas for the Parents

Fun for Older Kids and Tweens at Ski Patrol Training Camp

Very few Water Parks have a play area for the kids in between the ages of Toddler and Adult, but at the Ski Patrol Training Camp in Blizzard Beach that is precisely what you will find. Ski Patrol Training Camp was designed for kids between the ages of 5 through 12. A total of 5 Water Slides make up the Training Camp. Tube slides that snake to their own lagoon, a couple of straight race slides and also a tube slide that drops into the main pool area.

Watch the smile on their face as they zoom down the zip-line over the swimming pool and plummet into the water. Do you have a good balance? You will find out if you decide to tackle the small ice burgs in the water that create a walking path from one side to the other. Your youth kids will have a great time playing at the Ski Patrol and over time this will get them prepared for the bigger rides ahead.

  • Kids of Any Size Can play here but it is really designed for 5 – 12 years of age
  • Parents must stay and Supervise – this is not a place to drop the kids off and have child care.
  • 5 Fun Water Slides
    • 1 Enclosed Body Tube Slide that drops straight to the pool
    • 2 Straight Downhill Body Slide
    • 2 Tube Slides that Snake through the Snow
  • Thin Ice Training Course – Make your way across small chunks of Ice in the water without falling in
  • Fahrenheit Drops – Zip Line that drops guests into 8.5 feet of water (Because of the nature of this attraction guests cannot be over 60 inches tall)
  • Plenty of Beach Chairs for Lounging
  • Swimming Pool
  • Shady areas for the Parents

Although there are Life Guards at all locations through the park, Parents must Supervise their own children while playing at Tike’s Peak at all times.

What else can you really ask for. There are so many fun things to do for the kids at this park that it is one of the best choices in the Orlando area to visit for water fun if you have toddlers. If you have a mix of ages and this is to small for your Tweens (actually kids between the ages of 5 – 12) you might want to take a look a the section of the park created just for them, The Ski Patrol Training Camp.

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