Great Family fun at the Caribbean Beach Resort Disney Pools

Adventure awaits at the Fuentes del Morro Disney Caribbean Beach Resort Family Pool. Man the canons (water canons of course), the pirates are coming to raid this Spanish Fort themed Pool. The theme is amazing with towers on both sides of the pool entrance and multiple war-canons sticking out of the ports raining down water on you as you enter from below. Two (2) water slides make for an epic adventure, and one of the slides is a 102-foot long slide to the splashdown point. A zero-entry point makes it nice for the smaller kids to play along the edge of the Family Pool while the adults have many locations on the sundeck to hang out and relax. Off in the distance, a pirate ship has run up on the shores and broken in two. The pirate ship is hoisted above the kiddie splash park and is home to a large dumping water bucket, a couple of smaller water slides and hours of fun for the smaller kids.

Quiet Pools

Looking for somewhere to relax and get away from all of the excited kids playing? Each of the five, themed island areas of accommodations around Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort have a smaller, more relaxed pool. No water slides or water buckets, just a pool and a place to relax with lounge chairs all around.

Water Park Information at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort:

  • Pool Hours: Daily 10am – 10pm (Times may vary through the year)
  • Outdoor Pool: Fuentes del Morro Pool is the large Family Pool with Water Slide and Kiddie Splash Park. Five (5) additional pools are located around the Caribbean Beach Resort.
  • Indoor Pool: You will not find an Indoor Heated Pool at the Caribbean Resort Disney World
  • Large Water Slides: Two (2) large water slides are available at the Fuentes Del Morro Family Pool, one (1) of the water slides is 102-feet long
  • Kids Water Slides: Two (2) smaller, kiddie water slides can be found at the Pirate Shipwreck kiddie splash park next to the main Family Pool
  • Lazy River: There is not a Lazy River at the Disney Caribbean Beach Resort in Orlando
  • Kids Splash Park: What a great space for the little ones, 360 degree zero-entry access, fountains, sprinklers, dumping bucket and water slides.
  • Zero-entry: The large family pool at the Fuentes del Morro includes a Zero-entry point as well as the kiddie splash park
  • Hot Tub: Adults will enjoy the hot tub at the Family Pool
  • Towels: Towels are provided at each of the pools
  • Notice: Pool hours can change without notice. Always check the daily schedule at the Disney Caribbean Beach Hotel for the updated hours to the pools and any events.
  • Who: The Pools are for Guests staying at the Disney Caribbean Resort
  • Lifeguards: Lifeguards are on duty at the pools and the water slides

Caribbean Beach Resort Pools

Family Pool

The Fuentes del Morro Family Pool at the Disney Caribbean Resort is the place to be when looking for adventure and fun. Designed to look like a Spanish Fort, this family pool has something for everyone. Zero-entry is perfect for the little ones to stay in shallow water while the deeper sections of the pool lend themselves nicely to the splashdown areas used for the two (2) water slides. A kids splash park is nearby for additional fun.

  • Two Water Slides
  • Water Canons
  • Zero-Entry
  • Kids Splash Zone

Kids Splash Park

Water Slides at the Kids splash park at the main Family Pool at Disney Caribbean Beach Resort 960

Entering the Spanish Fort Pool at the Fuentes del Morrow, your eyes are drawn to a shattered pirate ship raised high above a kiddie splash park for your little one. A dumping bucket is always a fun feature for the kids and the three (3) petite water slides add to the encounter while zero-entry access on all views gives this a competent zone for your kids to play in.

  • Three (3) Water Slides
  • Fountains
  • Zero-Entry
  • Sprinklers
  • Dumping Bucket
  • Plenty of seating for the adults

Water Slides

Built into the fortress of the Fuentes del Morrow pool are a couple of large water slides. One of the water slides at this family pool is 102-feet long and splashes down into over four feet of water. So much fun for all of the family at the Disney Caribbean Beach Resort.


Lockers at the Fuentes del Morrow Family Pool at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort 960

Lockers are located near the bathrooms at the Fuentes del Morrow pool to keep your valuables safe and dry


Zero-entry at the Fuentes del Morrow Family Pool at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort 960

One of the entrances to the family pool at the Fuentes del Morrow is zero-entry for your kids and you to play in shallow water.

Hot Tub

Hot Tub at the Fuentes del Morrow Family Pool at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort 960

Break away and have some time with the adults at the hot tub near the Fuentes del Morrow pool


Lifeguard keeping watch over the kids at the Fuentes del Morro Family Pool at the Disney Caribbean Beach Resort 960

Adding a sense of calm, Lifeguards are continuously patrolling the pools and water slides to keep everyone safe.

Banana Cabana Pool Bar

Pool Bar at the Fuentes del Morrow Family Pool at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

Stop in to the Banana Cabana Pool bar, sit with friends and get your favorite beverage while the kids are off splashing in the pools.

Quiet Pools

Few guests at a Quiet pool at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort 960

Want to sit by the pool or get wet without all of the commotion found at the larger family pool? Each of the five (5) island areas that make up the accommodations at the Disney Caribbean Beach Resort have their own pool. Get some rest and take some time at one of these more quiet pools.

Frequently Asked Questions: Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort Pool

Are the pools heated at the Caribbean Beach Resort?

Yes - all six (6) of the pools are heated for your comfort throughout the year

Are there kids activities at the pool?

Disney Cast members host a number of activities at the Fuentes del Morrow family pool each day

Are towels provided at the pools?

Yes, towels are available at the pools

Are bathrooms near the pools?

Yes, each pool has a bathroom area located nearby

Are there Hot Tubs by the Pools?

There is a 12 person hot tub at the Fuentes del Morrow pool

Are Lifeguards on duty

Lifeguards are always looking out for you and your family while playing at the pool

Is there a shallow kids pool?

There is not really a shallow kids pool but there is a kids splash park with shallow water, multiple water slides and zero entry all around.

Disney Caribbean Beach Resort

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