Campsites in Disney World?

Venturing off to the Family Playground of the World in Orlando? It might not even cross your mind to look at Campsites in Disney World. But, that is something to consider when you understand that Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground is a Disney owned and ran Resort. It’s true, Disney owns the Fort Wilderness Resort where you can pitch a tent, bring your pop-up camper or even bring your luxury RV. So many guests are surprised that Disney has a campsite it is not even a consideration.

Camping the Disney way!

Okay, let’s start by saying, the Disney Fort Wilderness Resort and Campsites is not your typical RV park. Not at all, this 750 acres of prime Florida forestland is perfect for a family adventure that gives you all of the perks you expect when staying at any of the Disney World Resorts. The campsites themselves are strictly maintained and always in the best of service for their guests. Cast members make sure to give you the Disney experience you have come to expect from any of the other Value, Moderate or Deluxe Resorts. If you prefer to stay in the Fort Wilderness Resort area but don’t have your camper or RV, book yourself a spacious Cabin and visit in pure comfort.

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Disney Fort Wilderness Campground Reviews


One of the best locations you could ever camp in my opinion. The sites are well maintained and we did not have any problems fitting our RV in the site. Hookups worked well and the bath houses are clean. There is so much to do, Archery, horseback riding, playing at the pools. The kids loved the water slides and our little ones had so much fun on the small water slides. The food was really great and we would recommend this to everyone.


Although we enjoyed our stay it would be great if there were more laundry facilities at the Disney Fort Wilderness Campground. Having large capacity washers and dryers would also help. Walking around this huge Resort can get tiring. Next time we will definitely bring our bikes or rent a golf cart. The Golf Carts were sold out when we tried to get one. This was frustrating but we can not blame Fort Wilderness for this. We will have this reserved in advance next time we visit.

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Above Average - 87%
Average - 6%
Below Average - 7%

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Fun Things to Do

When have you ever seen Archery at a Resort? Archery is just one of the fun opportunities you get when looking for fun things to do at the Disney Fort Wilderness Campground. A full Ranch called the Tri-Circle-D is a wonderful addition to the resort with pony rides, carriage rides and if you are visiting during Christmas, there is even a Sleigh Ride. Get some friends together or head over to the basketball courts and shoot some hoops. These are just a few of the recreation; there are plenty of others.


Pets are most certainly allowed at the Fort Wilderness Campsite Resort, and it wasn’t that long ago that this was the only Disney World Resort that allowed pets. Now, there other Pet Friendly Resorts in Disney World to choose from. Service animals are welcome.

Resort Fees

There are not any resort fees on top of what you pay for your booking.


Self-Parking is available and you have to pay an additional fee for each vehicle parked.

Fitness Center

A Fitness Center is not available at the Disney Fort Wilderness Resort but did you see that huge list of Things to Do at Fort Wilderness? If you do want to get a workout in, a beautifully crafted jogging path runs through the resort. You can also rent bikes, go canoeing and there are plenty of other activities.


The dining experience is down-home and served with that Disney special service. Starting at the Trails End, this is a great place to start with Breakfast or finish your day with dinner. P & J’s Southern takout is also a great option serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Spending some time at the Meadows Pool, grab a poolside meal at the Meadows Snack Bar including your favorite adult beverages.

Disney Fort Wilderness Campground

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