Pools at the Disney Riviera Resort

It doesn’t get much better than sitting on the beaches of the French Riviera, but sitting in a comfortable, covered lounge chair for two (2) on the white sand beach at the Disney Riviera Resort, is wonderful in its own right. The Family Pool is a welcome paradise to guests with multiple entry points and a large zero-entry for smaller kids to enjoy shallow waters. The long twisting water slide is a joy to adults and older kids as they splash into the far end of the pool. A kiddie water park is a perfect place for little ones to dabble around in shallow water while anticipating the Elephant atop the stone Gazebo to splash them with a dumping bucket of water. Kids will have a blast with the two (2) more petite water slides in this area. A more peaceful pool is available for guests who what a little more separation and solitude.

Pool Information at the Disney Riviera Resort:

  • Pool Hours: Daily 8am – 11pm – (Times change throughout the year)
  • Outdoor Pool: Two (2) Pools: Riviera Family Pool with Water Slide and Kiddie park, and the more tranquil Beau Soleil Pool
  • Indoor Pool: There is not an Indoor Heated Pool at the Disney Riviera Resort
  • Large Water Slide: One (1) large water slide is located at the Riviera Pool
  • Kids Water Slide: Two (1) Kids sized water slides are to be found at the Riviera Pool
  • Lazy River: You will not find a lazy river at the Disney Riviera Resort
  • Kids Splash Park: The kids splash park has tons of fun with two (2) water slides, shallow water, bubbling fountains and a giant water bucket
  • Zero-entry: Zero-entry is available at the Riviera pool
  • Hot Tub: A large hut tub can be found at both pools
  • Towels: Towels are provided at at the Riviera and Beau Soleil Pool
  • Cabanas: Cabanas are not available at the Disney Riviera Resort
  • Notice: Pool hours can change without notice. Always check the daily schedule at the Disney Riviera for the updated hours to the pools and any events.
  • Who: The Pool are for all Guests at the Disney Riviera Resort
  • Lifeguards: Lifeguards are on duty at the Riviera Pool

Riviera Pools & Water Slides

Riviera Pool

Polka-dotted by blue and white umbrellas alongside dark blue lounge chairs, the Riviera Pool is the place you want to be with your family at the Disney Riviera Resort. Multiple alcoves's in the Riviera pool lend to some separation from the main pool fun and the zero-entry section is perfect for the little ones to play in shallow water. Hours of fun for all ages will be had at the Riviera Pool.

  • Zero-Entry
  • Kids Splash Park
  • Pool Bar & Grill
  • Water Slide
  • Plenty of Seating
  • White Sand Beach
  • Large Hot Tub

Water Slide

The tower water slide is sure to grab your attention when you enter to gates of the Riviera Pool. Start your adventure by climbing the spiral staircase to the 30-foot high tower and slide down the water slide, through the rock formation, to the splash zone in the family pool.

  • Starts at the top of a 30-foot tower
  • Spirals and twists
  • Splashdown in the Riviera pool
  • European theme

Kid's Splash Park

While at the top of the water slide tower, an opening gives you great views of the kid's splash park. Inspired by the European fountains, the kid's splash park is full of fun, from the shallow water to bubbling fountains, two (2) small water slides, and watch out for the elephant on top with the huge dumping water bucket.

  • European Fountain design
  • Zero-entry
  • Shallow water
  • Two (2) small water slides
  • Bubbling Fountains
  • Dumping bucket
  • Seating for adults

Hot Tubs

Large hot tub at the Riviera Pool Disney Riviera Resort 960

There are two hot tubs at the Disney Riviera Resort. One is located at the Riviera Family Pool and the other at the more quiet Beau Soleil Pool.

Beau Soleil Quiet Pool

For a more quiet visit to the pool, walk across the courtyard to the Beau Soleil Pool. This gated pool does not have any water slides or kids splash park so it is less likely to have kids running and playing. The Beau Soleil has comfortable seating for the adults to enjoy a book, or just talk without interruption. The large hot tub is inviting for guests of the Disney Riviera Resort.

White Sand Beach

Hanging out at the pools is fun but for some of the best relaxation of your trip to the Disney Riviera Resort, head over to the white sand beach and relax in one of the canopy-covered seating areas. Watch the sun glimmer on the lake and enjoy the spectacular views of the Disney Caribbean Beach Resort on the opposite side of the water.

Frequently Asked Questions: Disney Riviera Resort Water Slide and Pool

Are the pools heated at the Disney Riviera Resort?

Yes, the Riviera Family Pool and the Beau Soleil quiet pool are both heated

Are life vests available?

Life vests are located at the Riviera Pool near the tower entrance to the water slide for the little one's safety

Is there a water slide at the Riviera Resort?

It is easy to see the 30-foot tower from a distance with the twisting water slide located at the Riviera Pool. Hours of fun await.

Is there a kids pool?

There is not really a kids pool at the Disney Riviera Resort but there is a kids splash park with zero-entry, shallow water, 2 water slides, bubbling fountains and a splashing water bucket

Are towels provided at the two pools?

Towels are provided at both the family pool an quiet pool at Disney Riviera Resort

Are there events for kids at the Disney Riviera Resort?

Disney Cast members setup fun by the water and in the courtyard each day for your kids to enjoy

Does the Riviera Resort have a Lazy River?

No, there is not a lazy river at the Riviera Resort

Disney Riviera Resort

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