Recreation at Marriott Grande Vista Orlando

Getting away from the Outdoor Pools at the Marriott Grande Vista might be a real chore but consider all of the other fun things there are to do. Huge is an understatement when talking about the Grande Vista Marriott and there is not a shortage of things to do. Pick up a game on the tennis court, or get a group of new friends together at the Volleyball court. A sandy beach makes for a relaxing afternoon by the water as well.

Things to do at the Grande Vista Marriott in Orlando

Outdoor Pools

View of an Outdoor Heated Pool with Seating and Umbrellas at the Grande Vista Marriott Resort in Orlando Fl

Choose from any of the four (4) outdoor, heated pools and you can’t go wrong. One of the pools has great views of the lake and also has a splash park with multiple child sprinklers.

Tennis Courts

View of the Tennis Courts in Orlando Fl

Two (2) Outdoor Tennis Courts is a great way to spend a couple of hours with family or a pickup match with someone new you have met at the Grande Vista Marriott Resort. To find the Tennis courts just turn right before the lobby entrance to the Resort.

Basketball Court

Basketball is always fun and easy to find a group of people to jump in and play. The half-court basketball court is located directly beside the Tennis Courts.

Sand Volleyball

Sand Volleyball near the Village Center Pool at the Marriott Grande Vista Resort in Orlando

Volleyball is located on the white sandy beach. Ask some passing by guests if they would like to join in.

Game Room

An arcade located at the Marriott Grande Vista Resort and you will find games for the kids and a couple you might even enjoy.

Kids Indoor Playzone

Indoor Playzone just for kids at the Marriott Grande Vista Resort

An indoor maze will help you get some of that kid-like energy out of your children. Head over to the Playzone and let them climb around and make some new firends along the way.

Fitness Center

View of the Treadmills overlooking the Marriott Grande Vista Resort grounds from huge glass windows

The Marriott Grande Vista Resort has a beautiful Fitness Center that overlooks the lake. You will find all of the equipment and free weights to fit any routine you might have.

Marriott Grande Vista Resort

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