Pools at the Calypso Cay Resort

It might not be huge, but The Inn at Calypso Cay Water Park does offer a lot more than just a Swimming Pool. A total of 3 pools are located around the resort with the beauty of Florida’s palm trees giving you that nice tropical feel that you have been looking forward to. There is also a Splash Pad with multiple sprinklers and fountains the kids can dance around and play in. A zero-entry location adds comfort and convenience for the little ones and toddlers to gain access to the water without fear of falling into deeper waters.

Special Notice:

The Inn at Calypso Cay is now the Holiday Inn Express & Suites S Lake Buena Vista . IHG purchased the hotel, and is in the process of renovations. Please take a look at the new updated information on this Resort.

Main Pool with Water Slide

Large Water Slide

View of the Large Water Slide at The Inn at Calypso Cay in Kissimmee Fl

There are a total of 3 outdoor pools at The Inn at Calypso Cay in Kissimmee Fl. This is one of the main ones behind the Hotel itself. You can see the Water Slide that has a drop zone directly in to the pool as well as a couple of crabs sprinkling water on all that pass by.

Large Pool with Water Slides

Second large Pool at The Inn at Calypso Cay in Kissimmee Fl

The second pool is about the same size as the main one behind the hotel. You can’t tell by this picture but on the far end, there are 2 small water slides leading in to this pool as well.

Huge Outdoor Hot Tub

Huge Outdoor Hot Tub at The Inn at Calypso Cay in Kissimmee Fl

Enjoy the huge outdoor Hot Tub and just relax after a long day of walking.

The Inn at Calypso Cay Water Park:

  • Hours: Open from 9am until 11pm (Subject to change)
  • Admission: Access to all of the Pools and Water Slides are included in the Daily Resort Fee.
  • Who: The Pools are only open to guests of the Resort
  • Lifeguards: There are not any lifeguards on duty at the pools or water slides. Please keep a close eye on your kids to keep them safe while they are playing.

Fun Splash Pad

View of the Kids Sprinklers at the Outdoor Splash Pad at the Inn at Calypso Cay in Kissimmee Fl

Kids have a blast walking around the large Splash Pad at The Inn at Calypso Cay in Kissimmee Fl. Just look at all of the colorful fountains and sprinklers.

The Inn at Calypso Cay

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