Westgate Lakes Resort Pet Policy in Orlando

 Yes, but only Dogs

Are Pets allowed at the Orlando Westgate Lakes Resort?

Pets are part of our lives and become an integral piece of the family. Knowing that you can bring your dog with you when you book your stay at the Westgate Lakes Resort can remove the stress of leaving your pet behind. It is very important to understand the rules and regulations set down by the Westgate Lakes Resort Pet Policy when bringing your dog with you. Let’s take a look at the Pet Policy available to dog owners.

Special Note:

Although this information was correct at the time of publishing, always check with the Westgate Lakes Resort front desk about any additional fees, or changes that might occur in the Pet Policy. Pet Policies can change at resorts and hotels without notice so it is important to get this information direct from the hotel when bringing your pet.

Pet Policy and Restrictions at the Westgate Lakes Resort in Orlando

Things you should know before bringing your dog(s) with you:

Pet Checklist

All Pets must:

  • be in good health and have a health certificate provided from a vet within 10 days of your stay
  • be only a dog
  • 2 pets per pet room
  • Dog(s) must not weigh over 60 lbs. If bringing 1 dog, this dog cannot weigh more than 60 lbs, if bringing 2 dogs, the combined weight must be under 60 lbs
  • Height and length of dog cannot exceed 36″

In order to bring your pet:

  • A non-refundable Dog Fee will be charged for your reservations. Please check on the latest Pet Fee when booking your reservation with the Westgate Lakes Resort
  • Pets are to always be supervised or crated when in the room
  • Housekeeping will not service a room that has a pet unattended or not crated
  • Dogs must be on leash and under control of the handler when leaving the Villa
  • Please use Dog relief areas when taking pet out. Also, you must pickup after your pet.
  • Dogs are not allowed in certain areas of the Resort. Some of these areas include; Restaurants, Spa/salon, Pool areas and Water Park, Convention spaces, Meeting Rooms, and/or common retail spaces.
  • Some Dog breeds are not allowed at the Westgate Resorts. Here is a list of breeds not allowed (however this list can change and it might not be limited to only this list so be sure to check with the Westgate Lakes Resort to be certain your dog is allowed) Great Dane, Sharpei, Pit Bull, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Husky, Alaskan Malamute, Doberman Pinscher, Chow Chow and Presa Canario (other dog breeds at discretion of Management). If you bring your dog and they show aggression, you will be asked to be remove it from the property. This goes for any breed of dog.
  • Always check with the Westgate Lakes Hotel front desk to verify the latest Pet Policy information

Service Animals

Service Animals are always Welcome at the Westgate Lakes Resort near Universal Orlando.

Please note the information and fees provided can change without notice, however, was accurate when published. To confirm all details you will need to check directly with the properties in question before completing your vacation planning.
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