Westgate Lakes Treasure Cove Water Park

Families love spending time at the Westgate Lakes Treasure Cove Water Park. Adding in all of the fun amenities of a full water park without having to step off of the Resort grounds is a great experience. As you enter the Treasure Cove Water Park, you will be met with many of the same attractions you would find in a larger water park. Entering the lazy river, you can float around the water park area and get out at the other fun spots. Beside the Lazy River, enter the wave pool where a gently sloping entrance gives your little ones a safe place to hang out while the older kids and adults play in the waves. Two large twisting water slides are located beside the wave pool for hours of splashing fun and a large kids splash area is perfect for the smaller children.

There is something for everyone at the Westgate Lakes Water Park. One thing to note is that Treasure Cove Water Park is not included with the booking of your Villa. The water park is an additional fee, per person, per day. Still, it is located on the Resort grounds and might be well worth it for a day or more, during your stay.

Water Park Information:

  • Water Park Hours: Daily 8am – 11pm
  • Water Slides: 2 long twisting water slides beside the wave pool for adults and older kids, and 3 smaller water slides at the kids splash zone
  • Lazy River: Jump in the 575 foot lazy river and float to your hearts content
  • Kids Splash Park: Little ones love playing in the water and the kids splash zone is a perfect place for them to enjoy climbing, exploring the water features and sliding down the 3 smaller water slides
  • Wave Pool: For a Resort area, the wave pool is quite impressive. Holding over 41,000 gallons of water, enjoy the waves as they roll in
  • Towels: Towels are provided at the entrance to the water park
  • Notice: Water Park Hours can change without notice. Always check the daily schedule at the Westgate Lakes for any updated hours to the water park.
  • Who: An Additional fee is required, per guest, per day to access the Westgate Lakes Resort Water Park
  • Cabanas: For some additional pampering, reserve one of the cabanas around the water park. Cabanas offer great amenities like a refrigerator, TV, safe, lawn chairs, and a sofa. You also get a server to take care of any food and beverage orders. Cabanas are an additional fee, and are limited, so be sure to get yours booked as soon as possible.
  • Lifeguards: Lifeguards are on duty to keep an eye on your kids as they are splashing and playing around the Treasure Cove Water Park.

Water Slides

Treasure Cove Water Park 2 large water slides and wave pool and Pavilion at the Westgate Lakes Resort Orlando 1000
Large Twisting Water Slides at Treasure Cove

Climbing to the top of the water slide stand, the views of the Treasure Cove Water Park really come into view. Which water slide should you go down first? Stepping into the starting gate of the two-tone blue water slide, a start into an enclosed tube leads around a bend and down into the splash zone. Whereas, the orange and yellow water slide is an open flume that twists and turns until you get to the bottom. Both of these water slides are fun and offer the older kids and adults hours of fun.

Kids Splash Park

Treasure Cove Water Park bucket water drop at the kids splash park at the Westgate Lakes Resort Orlando 1000
Kids Splash Park with a large water bucket

For the smaller kids, enter the world of fun at the kid’s splash park in Treasure Cove Water Park. Three smaller water slides offer different delights as the kids splash down at the end. An even smaller water slide with 2 side-by-side slides is more geared for the toddlers to play on. Watch out for the hundreds of gallons of water that often come splashing down from the large tipping water bucket. Kids will also find multiple interactive water features, plenty of areas to roam and climb, and a gentle slope to the water fun. Hours of enjoyment will be had by your little ones at this wonderful kids’ splash park.

Lazy River

Treasure Cove Water Park Lazy River side view at the Westgate Lakes Resort Orlando 1000
Lazy River at the Water Park

Everyone loves a lazy river and the 575 foot slow flowing river at Treasure Cove offers a great place to relax, and float along your journey. Grab a tube, and enter the lazy river and exit at different locations of the park to start another adventure.


Want to have an extra special day? Renting a cabana at Treasure Cove can make your day at the water park much more enjoyable. While the cabanas have an additional cost per day, having a reserved covered spot with extra amenities might be worth it. Here are some of the amenities provided when you rent a cabana:

Cabana Amenities:

  • Fan
  • Flat Screen TV
  • Refrigerator
  • Lock Box
  • Sofa and Lawn Chairs
  • Towels
  • Personal Server with access to food and beverage items
  • Make Reservations in advance at the Water Park Admissions desk

Frequently Asked Questions: Westgate Lakes Treasure Cove Water Park

Is there a restaurant by the pool?

Yes! Stop by Buccaneer Gally Snack Bar for some great outdoor food. Choose from items like burgers, wraps, salads, and other sandwiches. There is also a kid's menu with smaller items that will taste great for a day at the park. Ice cream is also served and is a great treat later in the day.

What are the hours for the Treasure Cove Water Park?

The water park is open from 10 am until 7 pm each day as long as the weather permits.

How many water slides are at the water park?

There are 2 large water slides for big kids and adults located by the wave pool. Additional smaller water slides are perfect for the little ones at the kid's splash park.

Is there a Lazy River?

Yes, you will have access to a 575-foot lazy river that gently moves you around the park and has some interactive water sprinklers to keep you cool along the way.

Is the Treasue Cove Water Park free (included with my reservation)?

No, the water park is an additional fee per person, per day. Please check with the resort when booking, for the latest pricing on the water park.

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