Like walking on the set of a real animation film as you walk around the property the kids will get all excited as they see the different Art of Animation Pool locations at 3 of the 4 Themed areas. As you walk out of the Animation Hall, the main building for the resort, the excitement will start to stir because Disney has done a fabulous job of showcasing all of the 4 unique themed areas in such a way that the kids will want to visit them all. The first pool you will see is the largest one in the resort, The Big Blue Pool. Set in the middle of the Finding Nemo area and protected by Crush and Mr. Ray, this pool is a sight to see. If you are looking for something a little more quiet, there are 2 other pools located at The Little Mermaid and Cars Edition of the property. These are a little smaller but one of them should get you away from the crowds to enjoy a little peace and quiet for a while.

Swimming Pools at Art of Animation Disney Value Resort

You will have to visit them all while you are on the property. Your children will love each one for there own unique style. Be ready to get some exercise as well because the Little Mermaid pool is the furthest away from the front building. You can’t help but get excited when you visit one of the smaller pools in the Cars area. One of the major features of this pool are the 8 large traffic cones setup as huge cabanas. What is amazing to me is that there is not an additional fee for these units. Of course they are only there to provide shade and have a nice place to sit but who cares, what a neat place to sit for part of the day.

The largest pool is the Big Blue Swimming Pool at the Finding Nemo location. This pool is massive and it needs to be to support all of the families that call this resort home for their vacation week. It has a Zero-Entry way for the smaller ones to easily enter and leave the pool but there is also a small water fun area with fountains that spray you as you walk through. The third pool is a long ways off but could be one of the more quiet pools. The Flippin’ Fins Pool is located in the courtyard area of The Little Mermaid. You will have to take a stroll through The Lion King to get to it but if you are not staying on that side of the property, you should at least take the time to visit it and take in the entire experience. There are NOT any Water Slides or Lazy River at this Value Resort but there are plenty of fun things for the complete family to enjoy at this huge resort.