There is really no better way to get a feel of this location except to watch the Disney All Star Sports Video. As you first enter the Resort Grounds you are aware of your Sports surroundings. The All Star Sports Entrance to Stadium Hall presents you with all of the main check in points as well as a nice Disney Shop to look at the latest memorabilia that Disney has come up with. You might think that since you are staying at a Disney Value Resort that they completely cut corners to keep the cost down. Sure this resort doesn’t have all of the luxury and bells and whistles that you might find at the more Moderate or Deluxe Resorts but the attention to detail is ever present. The bright colors and Disney Characters throughout the property make you feel special and with the savings you get by staying at this resort, it just might allow you to do some other fun things in the area that you have not considered.

Main Lobby and Entrance

You will want to be familiar with the main entrance of All Star Sports. There are many reasons you will spend a lot of your time at the Stadium Hall building. Not only is this used for check in but it is also where you will spend time dining. Even though you will not find a dining experience where you are waited on hand and foot, you will find a counter style End Zone Food Court with all of your favorite dishes covering each meal through the day. It is a great place to start off with a nice hot breakfast before heading off to the Parks. You will also see that the Arcade is in this building. On a hot day when you are tired of running or being out at the pool, bring the kids in for a while and enjoy the arcade with many different games for everyone at any age.

Water Fun

As soon as you walk out of the glass back doors of the Stadium Hall you are presented with a number of sights and sounds that will have the kids screaming for joy. The main Swimming Pool, Surfboard Bay, is located in this first area and is also the location you will stay if you are staying at the Surf Inn. This is the largest Pool at the complex and being close to the Food Court and Pool Bar, it is a Hot Spot for everyone at the property. If you are looking for something a little quieter and more reserved, head on over to the Baseball Diamond style Pool. Either Swimming Pool is a great place for the kids to have fun and splash around for hours. To find out more, take some time to look over additional information on the Disney All Star Sports Swimming Pools.

There are a total of 10 buildings for accommodations. Each Themed area is made up of 2 Buildings that face each other and have a courtyard area filled with the Sports Items that you would expect to see at each one. Every theme is unique and designed to give you a different Sports Style experience. The accommodations are also themed to fit the different location you are staying in. There are a total of 1,920 Guest Rooms at this property but there are not any Suites. If you are looking for a little more room to spread out, take a look at the All Star Music Resort Accommodations. This is the only Disney Value Resort that offers Family Suites.

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