When you are looking for a great Water Park in Orlando there are a number of them to choose from but none of them are quite like the Disney Blizzard Beach. Just imagine pulling up to an amazing alpine ski lodge with snow and Ice Sculptures around every corner. Wait, what? To some degree this is true but I promise that you will be in one of the most unique Water Parks you have ever seen. Disney decided that they wanted to give you the feeling of being at the base of an Alpine Village with views of snow and ski slopes surrounding you. I wonder if any studies have been done to see if people who go to Blizzard Beach feel as if they are cooler than other Water Fun locations. This is only one of the Disney Water Parks at Disney World, if you are interested in visiting a tropical, lush paradise, you might want to also take a look at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon. Both are a lot of fun and each of them have their very own style and flare. I don’t see how you can go wrong with either of them.

Enter the park through the turnstiles and you will continue to see what Blizzard Beach designers had in mind. Right off the bat you will notice that all of the structures are built to make you feel like you just stepped into a Mountain Village with Toboggans, Sleds and many inviting shops along the way. You will still know that you are in Orlando by the temperature outside as well as the trees and magnificent flora along each path you take. The developers of this Park made sure that you felt a little bit of Florida in the midst of a Mountain Ski site. Even the signs that are used point to the various “slopes” and are color coded to give you the appearance that there are different difficulty levels.

Off in the distance from the beginning of the park you will notice a large ski jump, as you look closer, you notice that there is a Water Slide that leads to this just. How does this work? Take a look at the additional information we have on all of the Water Slides at Blizzard Beach to find out. One of the focal points in this park is the Chairlift system that is in place to take riders to the top of Mount Gushmore. What would a ski resort be without a working Chairlift. Even if you don’t want to ride any of the slides at the top, it is worth riding this one at least once to get a view of the entire park. Blizzard Beach Water Park is full of Water Fun having a total of 12 Large Water Slides ranging from the Scary Speed Slides to the more tranquil Tube slides. No matter what brought you to the park, you will find multiple Water Slides to meet your fancy.

Not everyone comes to a Water Fun Park for the Slides, so for those who enjoy floating at a slow pace while relaxing and enjoying the views around you, take a look at the amazing Lazy River at Blizzard Beach. The Cross Country Creek is no ordinary Slow Floating River, just the length of this monster is impressive. At a total of 3,000 feet in overall distance, it wraps around the entire park allowing you to use it as your very own transportation system from ride to ride if you like. If you decide that you just want to jump on a tube and start riding, it takes about 30 minutes to complete.

If you are looking for a first class Wave Pool the Wave Pool at Typhoon Lagoon has the one at Blizzard Beach beat. Don’t discount the Blizzard Beach Wave Pool Melt-Away Bay though, it has its own fun features. If all you are looking for is a really large Pool area that continually sends small rippling waves across the water forcing you to bob up and down in an uncontrollable fun motion. Your family will love this one full acre of small waves and it is easier to relax because you do not have to watch out for 4 to 6 foot waves knocking you off of your float.

Disney’s Blizzard Beach Address

1534 W Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista, FL
Direct Phone Number – US and Canada: 407-939-6244

You Should Know

  • Park Size:
  • About 66 Acres

  • Location:
  • Not far from Interstate 4, Right next door to Disney Animal Kingdom off of Buena Vista Drive. For additional location information please see our Blizzard Beach Map page.

  • 12 Large Water Slides, 5 Youth or Tween Water Slides and 5 Kiddie Slides Throughout the Water Park
    1. 2 Speed Slides

      1 Single Rider Inner Tube Slides

      2 Dual Rider Inner Tube Slides

      3 Toboggan Water Slides

      1 Large Water Slide with 4 to 6 Person Tube

      2 Side by Side Racing Slides

      1 Large Racing Slide with 8 Lanes

      5 Kiddie Size Slides at the Tikes Peak Kiddie Park

      5 Larger Kid Slides at Ski Patrol Training Camp

    For complete information check out our Water Slides at Blizzard Beach page.

  • Wave Pool
    1. A Full 1 Acre of Fun

      Relaxing Beach Area

      Beautiful Surrounding designed to look like waves are created by melting snow off of Mount Gushmore

      Waves are not very large and do not work the same as the larger wave pools but they are still fun and relaxing.

    For complete information check out our Wave Pool at Blizzard Beach page.

  • Lazy River
    1. 3,000 Feet in Length

      Circles the Entire Park

      About 30 Minutes for a Round Trip

      Tubes Provided but you can swim if you would rather

    For complete information check out our Lazy River at Blizzard Beach page.

  • Tike’s Peak – Kids Play Area
    1. Designed for the Toddlers and Preschoolers

      Water Fountains, Interactive Water Play Area, mini-rapids and smaller Water Slides

    For complete information check out our Kiddie Play Area Blizzard Beach page.

  • Ski Patrol Training Camp – Older Kids Play Area
    1. Designed for the Older Kids and up to Tweens (Ages 5 – 12)

      Speed Slides, Snaking Slides through the Snow, Tube Drop Slide, Unstable Ice Chunks to Walk across and a Zip Line.

    For complete information check out our Kids Play Area Blizzard Beach page.

  • Disney Blizzard Beach Park Hours
  • Opens at 9:00am and closes at 8:00pm (Times Change Throughout the Season so be sure to check with the Park)

  • Blizzard Beach Park Rules
    1. Children Under 10 Must be Accompanied By an Adult

      No Food or Drink in the Pool or on the Pool Decks

      Glass Containers and Alcoholic Beverages are not Permitted

      Height Requirements May Apply at Certain Attractions

      Clothing with Rivets, Buckles, or Exposed metal is not Permitted on Attractions

      For Safety, Diaper Age Children must Wear Swim Diapers

      Shower Before Entering Pools

      Do not Swallow Pool Water

      Smoking is not Permitted Except at Designated Locations (Shown on Guide Map)

  • Places to eat at Blizzard Beach
  • Enjoy many different locations to eat at this Winter Style Water Park. None of the locations have full service where a wait person takes your order but there are plenty of Casual Quick Service locations as well as many Snack Bars throughout the park.

      Avalunch – Quick Service Shack

        Get some of the American favorites that you always look forward to when you visit a Water Park in Orlando. Choose from Turkey Legs and Loaded Hot Dogs or just pick up a snack like Ice Cream or a bag of Chips. Daft Beer and Soft Drinks are served at this location.

      Frostbite Freddy’s Frozen Freshments – Quick Service Shack

        Enjoy the view while sitting at one of the tall tables for four at Frostbite Freddy’s. Anything COLD that you would like you can pickup at this little food shack. Enjoy Ice Cream, Frozen Lemonade or a Smoothie as well as pickup your favorite adult beverage like a bottled beer or a Long Island Ice Tea.

      I.C. Expeditions – Ice Cream Stand

        Pick up your favorite Ice Cream treat and enjoy your very own creation or choose from items like Sundaes, Floats and Waffle Cones. If it is Ice Cream you are looking for, head for I.C. Expectations.

      Lottawatta Lodge – Quick Service Walk Up Dining

        This is the largest location to get food in the park and it has the most variety if you are looking for more choices with your food. Enjoy some American dishes like Cheeseburgers and Chili Dogs along with Wraps and Sandwiches.

      Mini Donuts

        Grab some mini donuts to share or enjoy them all by yourself. You can get a dozen or half a dozen at a time but what makes thes donuts so special are the many dipping sauces to choose from. Dip your delicious treat in Chocolate, White Chocolate or Rasberry. You can also get your favorite cold or hot drinks from this location.

      Polar Pub

        Sitting by the Wave Pool, Meltaway Bay, and getting Thirsty? Head on over to the Polar Pub and pickup your most enjoyable cocktail.

      Warming Hut

        A Favorite at the park with delicious items like Toasted Sandwiches and a selection of Barbecue. If you want something a little different, this is the place to grab a wonderful bite during your day.

  • Picnic Areas
  • Although there are not any Picnic Areas designated inside of the Blizzard Beach Water Park area, coolers are allowed but you can not bring glass items or Alcohol into the park area. If you are interested in this option, you might wat to rent one of the Lounge chair options which will get you a couple of lounge chairs, a cocktail table and some shade with an umbrella.

  • Near
  • 4.2 Miles from Downtown Disney

    9.8 Miles from SeaWorld

    5.9 Miles from Magic Kingdom Theme Park

    View additional locations on our Map Page

  • Blizzard Beach Parking Fees
    1. Park your Vehicle in the Main Blizzard Beach Parking Lot

      Parking is Free at the Blizzard Beach Water Park

  • Blizzard Beach Transporation
  • Disney Transportation available at most of the Hotels and Resorts in the Walt Disney World Resort locations

  • Locker Facilities
    1. Dressing Rooms


      Locker Rental

      Towel Rental

      Life Jacket Rental

  • Blizzard Beach Cabanas
  • A Few Premium Reserverd Areas are available but you will probably want to call the park and reserve them in advace. Reservations can be made by calling 407-WDW-PLAY. What you get with your Premium Area:

      Roped Off Area accessible by Wristband

      6 Person Maximum

      Large Umbrella

      Upgraded Lounge Furniture

      Towels Provided for each person in the Group

      Complimentary Water Park Refillable Mug for each Guest

      Ice Chest with Bottled Water

      Private Locker

      Attendant to get food and refill drinks (You are responsible for paying for any food that you order – this is not included with the Premium Area Fee)

    Premium Beach Chair Deal – Reservations can be made up to 180 days in advance by calling 407-WDW-PLAY

      2 Lounge Chairs

      2 Beach Chairs

      Small Table



      Private Location

  • Life Jackets
  • You are welcome to bring your own life jacket but if needed, you can pickup a FREE jacket at Snow-less Joe’s. Although the Life Jackets are free for use, you will need to secure it with a deposit using a credit card of your drivers license.

  • Towels
  • If you have not rented one of the Beach Chair Deals or a Reserved Area, the towels are an additional fee. This can really add up for a large family so it might not be a bad idea to treat this like a beach outing and carry in the items you need to make yourself comfortable.

  • Blizzard Beach Pets
    1. Service Pets are allowed at this location

      Pets are NOT allowed at this location

  • Plan Ahead
  • If you will not be renting one of the Beach Chair or Premium Reserved Area options, it might be in your best interest to get to the park a little earlier to beat the incoming crowds. You know how fast the seating gets taken at a Water Park and this will give you your best chance of getting the lounge chairs you would like to have before they are all gone. Bring plenty of Sunscreen to protect your skin throughout the day. Being around water intensifies the rays and you will want to make sure you are well protected from any harmful rays as you play with your family around the park.

  • Smoking
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the Blizzard Beach park except in designated areas.

All Pricing is subject to change.

Please note the information and fees provided can change without notice, however, was accurate when published. To confirm all details you will need to check directly with the Water Park before completing your vacation planning.