There is one very large Disney Contemporary Resort Pool and a smaller Bullseye pool that is more shallow around the edges. Both of these pools are located at the back of the resort and can be accessed by exiting through the main rear doors of the Contemporary Resort. There is not a Zero Entry part to the pools but you will find a fun and inviting Water Slide. Lounge chair are plentiful around both of the pools but get yours early to make sure you get a good spot.

Looking for a list view of the Water Amenities, look no further than the Disney Contemporary Pool Facts.

Fun at the Water Slide

The large primary Swimming Pool is very large and is unique in its shape broken up into multiple round sections. As you leave the Contemporary Hotel and start walking through the Courtyard, the fastest way to get to the pool is by walking around the large Water Slide. Yes, the Contemporary Resort is equipped with a very fun, almost “S Shaped” water slide that takes all of its riders and dumps them into the far end of the pool. Lifeguards are on hand to make sure this is always a smooth process. On the other side of the pool there is a large fountain that sprays water continuously into the air.

Let the Kids splash and play

Located to the side of where the Water Slide is located, the younger kids will find that there is a fascinating Water Splashing area with gushing fountains of water that spew out of the ground to surprise then as they are walking through. There are other water features that will keep them occupied and cool through the entire day.

Sports on the Water

Oh the fun it will be to take out your very own Water Craft on the Bay Lake. Enjoy taking your kids on a pedal boat or if you are looking for a little more speed, the searay raycers might be a better choice. Maybe you want to try out para-sailing or get up on a pair of water skis for a while. Just about any sport you can imagine on the water can be done on the bay lake.

Hot Tubs

You will actually find 2 large Whirlpools at the Contemporary Hotel in Orlando Fl. One is located right in the center of the main pool but is camouflaged by streams of water to obscure it from view of the main pool to some degree. The second Hot Tub is located near the Water Slide. Go ahead, take a soak and rest those weary bones for a while.


We all enjoy being pampered at times and renting one of the Cabanas located around the pools at the Contemporary Resort could be just what you were looking for. You don’t normally have the opportunity to indulge so why not look into one of the Cabanas during your trip. Just keep in mind that there are only a few to choose from so you might want to get it booked early to make sure you get one.