As you enter the main lobby, what you realize is that the Disney Polynesian Resort Christmas Decorations are completely intertwined with the existing Polynesian atmosphere already designed into this amazing resort. It is like being at an Hawaiian Resort but with a splash of Christmas Cheer while enjoying the festive activities at a beautiful Disney Resort. As you look around the normal Tropical environment, you will see many splashes of Red that you do not normally see unless you visit the Polynesian Resort at Christmas. The addition of Red and White Poinsettias mixed in with the tropics gives this property a unique feel that you cannot get from any of the other Disney Resorts.

Distinctive Christmas Decorations at the Polynesian Resort?

Each of the Disney Resorts decorate for Christmas in a different and unique way. The Decorations at the Polynesian Resort are no exception. The beauty they use with Tropical Flowers and plants integrated in to the many Christmas Trees are truly quite beautiful. You might even consider making a change to your own Tree after seeing how amazing it is to mix in the Culture of the South Pacific with the normal Christmas traditions. each of the Wreaths and hanging Garland are done in the same spirit as well.

While not as elaborate as some of the the other Deluxe Disney Resorts, the Polynesian is a great place to stay at any time during the year. If you are not staying at this property, it is still one you should put on your list to visit the different feel you get at Christmas time.

List of Disney Resorts with Gingerbread Displays

Contemporary – Frozen Gingerbread Display
Grand Floridian – 16′ Gingerbread House
Beach Club – Gingerbread Carousel

This property is located directly on the Monorail system so it is easy to hop on and look at the decorations at both the Contemporary and Grand Floridian Resort since they are both on the Monorail as well. Take a little time out of one of your days to explore the many exciting Christmas displays at Disney World Resorts.

Check out the Beach Club Christmas Decoration Video