Visit the Islands of the South Pacific without having to leave the convenience of the United States Eastern Coast. You will find a true Tropical Paradise Disney has created at the Disney Polynesian Resort in Disney World. With the water lapping up on the white-sand beaches from the Seven Seas Lagoon, it almost makes you feel that you are surrounded by the ocean waters of the Pacific. The Polynesian resort was one of the first that Disney created in Orlando when they started building the first theme park, the Magic Kingdom. The theme of this entire resort will take you to the Island Beauty you would expect to see if you were to travel to one of the Hawaiian Islands.

Find out everything you need to know in one location by checking out the Disney Polynesian Resort Quick Facts.

Hawaiian Style Rooms

There are multiple buildings created to look like a Tahitian Assembly Lodge and The Polynesian Resort has a total of 847 rooms. All of the accommodations are decorated with vibrant and earthy tones to give you the feel that you are actually staying on one of the islands. As you continue to look at the detail, you will notice subtle items that really make the difference. Carvings on the furniture, the attention to all details in the lighting fixtures, even the fabrics used in the furniture and the carpets are designed to give you a feeling of island living. Most of the Standard rooms are the same size and will accommodate up to 5 people. If privacy is important, there are a number of 1 Bedroom Suites that also sleep up to 5 but the bedroom area is in a separate room from the Living space. On the upper floors overlooking the Lagoon, each of the rooms have a very nice balcony to enjoy looking at the landscape and things that might be going on at the property.

The views are truly spectacular and not surprisingly, this is one of the more important decisions to make when booking your stay. Available to you are many varieties having the option of a standard hotel type of room or a 1 bedroom suite but don’t forget the views. Find out all you can about the differences between the types of rooms and all of the varying viewpoints will make at the List of Amenities and Accommodations. If you are a Disney Club Member, some of the rooms offer more for those who have these privileges.

Disney’s Polynesian Resort in Orlando will captivate with a 4 story volcano and water slide!

Enjoy 2 pools on this location. The larger, Family pool has a water slide built into 4 story volcano and Waterfalls flowing down the side of the volcano and splashing down into the lagoon style pool below. The mist coming from the fallen water will keep you cool as you walk or swim by. From the time that you walk to the back of the property, it is impossible to miss the large body of water that appears to engulf the Polynesian resort. Have a look at the additional Disney Polynesian Resort Pool information to see everything that is available on the property.

If you enjoy going out on the water, there are many options available to you like boats with motors or even sailboats. The shows are phenomenal when you go to the authentic luau where you will see wonderful island dance and a traditional fire knife dance.

Difficult to Leave

You might find that everyone enjoys their stay so much that they would like to expand the experience and actually visit one of the islands in the South Pacific after staying here. Make sure that they all understand that this location is managed by Disney and although you can travel to the real thing, it will not be the same level of attention you get here.

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