You will find that the Disney Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa Pool stand out as a Guest Favorite for many reasons. One main reason that guests seek out the Saratoga Springs Resort is the fact that it is the only Disney Property directly across the lake from Downtown Disney and also offers complimentary water taxi access. Another reason would have to be the Pool Area.

Family Fun Pools

Happiness is finding a place that has the different activities each family member takes pleasure in, all at one location. This pretty much sums up what you will find at the Saratoga Springs Pools. An array of distinctive Water Fun at each Pool location makes this property stand out as a great destination.

High Rock Spring Pool

Hours of fun and enjoyment can be had at the High Rock Spring Pool with a little bit of something for all ages. One entrance to the pool has a Zero-Entry access making it a great entry point for the little ones and just outside of the Pool area is a wonderful Donald Duck Water, shooting fountains of fun with a small water slide. Talking about Slipping and Sliding, take a trip down the 128-foot Water Slide offering a fun experience for kids a little bit older and is also great for Adults. Rest those tired aching muscles in one of the 2 large Hot Tubs located in this pool area. The warmth of the Bubbling Jacuzzi Water on a cool Florida evening makes for a great end to each and every day.

Find all of the Disney Saratoga Springs Quick Facts on the Water Fun under the Pool Fun tab.

Paddock Pool

This Swimming Pool is also a Family favorite with a Gentle Sloping entrance to the pool makes this a great option for the toddlers to play. While the pool itself is not as large as the High Rock, it makes up for this with a larger 146 foot Waterslide that starts at the top of a large water tower and curves round and round until you get to the splash zone. If you have little kids with you, this is a great place to be. A small but very fun Kids Water Play area is right behind the large Water Slide at the Paddock Pool. Shallow water surrounds a small climbing fort with two small kiddie slides. A Hot Tub is available at this location as well.If you get hungry, the Paddock Grill is located right beside the pool. Pickup your favorite drink and get a hamburger and some fries to hold you over until dinner. The Paddock Pool is located in The Paddock on the other side of Willow Lake.

Backstretch Pool

This pool is considered to be one of the Quiet Pools at Saratoga Springs and while the main pool area would be considered a more relaxed area, right beside the pool is a large Kids Splash Zone full of Bubbling Fountains and Race Horses spraying water on all who walk by. This is a fun area for the kids to splash while the adults enjoy a little more quiet setting. There are not any Water Slides at the Backstretch Pool.

Quiet Pools

In my book, I would consider the Congress Park Pool and the Treehouse Villa Pool the two more subdued Pools at Saratoga Springs Pools. There are not any Kids Water fun items at either of these pools which make them perfect for adults to enjoy and not have as much noise as some of the larger family pools.


You will find Lifeguards at all of the pools where there are Water Slides. They do a great job of watching the kids but remember, they are still your responsibility so keep an eye on them while they are playing in the water.