As you watch the different Disney All Star Music Video presentations, along with the information provided, you can get a good sense of what this Disney Value Resort is like before even stepping foot on the property. If you have not stayed at a Disney Resort and you have nothing to compare it to, you will be amazed by the attention to detail that Disney has even in one of their less expensive resorts. If, however, you have been to one of the Deluxe Resorts, you will see that, although very nice, it is not as lavish as you get by upgrading to a much higher level. Keep in mind that staying on any Disney property, affords you all of the extra Disney Amenities. With the savings that you will have by staying at the All Star Music Resort, it allows you to spend more on other areas of your vacation.

As you pull up to the resort you will see that everything is designed to give you the feel of staying in a Magical, Musical place. Even entering the lobby to check in, you are surrounded by bright colors and stars to put you in the American Musicians mind set. The floors and walls are adorned with musical symbols and instruments and everywhere you turn you find something that makes you want to hum a tune. In this same main building, the Melody Inn, you also have full access to the main Food Court area. There is not a table service restaurant at this Resort but there is plenty of food at a reasonable price at the All Star Resort Food Court, well, at least for Disney. A large game room can also be found here with plenty of games for everyone.

When you walk out of the main building, you will be amazed by the sights, sounds and colors. One of the first things you will see is the huge Guitar Themed Pool. There are no Water Slides or Lazy River at this resort. You will see the 3 Caballero’s in the middle of the pool, happily spraying water on everyone in reach. This pool is located in the Calypso Themed area bt there is also a smaller, usually more quiet pool as you walk through the Jazz Inn Themed area. This second pool is shaped like a large Grand Piano. To find out more, take some time to look over additional information on the Disney All Star Music Swimming Pools.

There are a total of 10 buildings for accommodations. Each Themed area is made up of 2 Buildings that run parallel with one another. Every theme is unique and designed to give you a different musical experience. Even the rooms themselves lend themselves to the Theme that runs through each area. This resort also has a limited number of Family Suites available. If you are traveling with extra members in your party, this is a great way to spread out and enjoy some extra room during your stay. Take a look at all of the information on the All Star Music Resort Accommodations.

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